Christmas gift idea MBE Box:
The perfect gift for customers and employees

Few things generate positive emotions as quickly and reliably as a gift - this applies in both private and professional environments. It is no coincidence that gift baskets are highly popular in the business world: they can be used to please both employees and business partners. 

The joy is then even mutual, because psychological studies show that giving a gift triggers inner satisfaction to the same extent as receiving a gift.

This is true even if you, as the giver, do not witness the gift-giving live. It is enough to know that you are doing something good for others. Try it out!

  The Special Alternative to Gift Basket Ideas | Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. offers you a gift concept with which you can give your employees and your business partners a small gift at Christmas in the simplest way - cost-effective and characterized by the "look-&-feel" of your corporate design. Use the MBE Box for Christmas!

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Creative, sustainable, high quality - and available to order in 3 sizes

The MBE Box is a Christmas gift that is guaranteed to make an impression. That's worth a lot, because configuring business Christmas gifts so that they are well received across the board - by many recipients, that is - is anything but easy. A single bottle of wine? Always works, but it's not very creative. A USB stick with a brand logo? Seems like a promotional gift, not a Christmas present. No wonder that in the run-up to Christmas the frequency of Google searches with terms such as "gift basket ideas" or "gift basket ideas" rises extremely sharply.

Mail Boxes Etc. does the thinking and research work for you: the MBE Box is pre-configured and available in three variants and sizes (S, M, L). Each variant presents itself as a thoughtful compilation of stylish useful gifts such as a patience game, an induction charger, cookie molds with a favorite recipe or a high-quality thermos flask. Individual components can be exchanged as desired. In addition, each box contains a personalizable Christmas greeting card, which can be provided with a text selected by you (or a text written by yourself).

MBE Box Christmas Small | Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE)MBE Box Christmas Medium | Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE)MBE Box Christmas Large | Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE)

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All-in-one concept: design plus packaging plus shipping

What makes the MBE Box concept so attractive for companies is the all-in-one service. Design, packaging, shipping - it's all in the package (or box) at Mail Boxes Etc. In concrete terms, this means that if you want to send MBE Boxes, all we need from you apart from your box size selection is

  • a list of recipient addresses,
  • design specifications (e.g., your company logo, font, and colors), and
  • a text for the enclosed greeting card (if you want to write your own text; alternatively, you can use a pool of text modules from Mail Boxes Etc.).

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Company Christmas gifts: what to consider

The MBE Box as an alternative to your Gift Basket Ideas | Mail Boxes Etc.  

In connection with company Christmas gifts, there are a few things to keep in mind

Companies that select and send corporate gifts on their own risk being hit by the taxman afterwards or that the gifts may not be accepted by the recipients at all for compliance reasons.


Business gifts are generally taxable for the donees - that is, the donees must account for and pay tax on the value. As a gift sender, you can avoid this by taxing the gifts yourself in advance (at a flat rate of 30% of the purchase price) or by taking the value of the gifts into account: the exemption limit for business partners is 35 EUR and for employees at 44 EUR per year. So-called strewing articles to max. 10 EUR value are likewise harmless.

Important for the gift recipients: If you tax the gifts yourself in advance, you should inform the recipients that the gifts are tax-free for them.

Important for you: Provided that the gift price including taxes is less than 35 EUR, the cost is a deductible business expense. The prices for the MBE boxes are therefore calculated so that the total amount of 35 EUR is not exceeded.

Compliance guidelines

With regard to Christmas gifts, there are no uniform labor law provisions - each company can determine for itself whether or up to what value it allows its employees to accept Christmas gifts. As a general rule, the more conspicuously a gift is marked as a Christmas gift, the lower the risk that it will be viewed as an earmarked gift by the relevant compliance department. MBE boxes are therefore very clearly Christmas-themed. Nevertheless, before sending gifts to customers or business partners, you should take the precaution of making inquiries about the compliance policies of the respective companies.

All the benefits of MBE Box at a glance

  1. The "face in the crowd": The goal of a customer Christmas gift is to stand out from the crowd of usual business gifts. With run-of-the-mill gifts like a Low workload: At the end of the year, you (or rather your key account managers and your HR people) have enough to do anyway. It's good when sending Christmas gifts to customers and employees then works as conveniently as it does with the MBE Box concept.
  2. Own branding: Unlike gift baskets, you can design the MBE Box including contents in the corporate design of your company let.
  3. Flexible timing: The MBE Box at Christmas can be ordered from July. You can set the timeline for the actual shipment to the recipients after consultation with us. Depending on the box contents, the shelf life of the components (food) should be noted.  


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