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MBE e-LINK - The e-commerce plug-in

MBE e-LINK manages online sales

Your online store is on the road to success and your customers' orders are just waiting to be shipped? The e-commerce business is dynamic and fast action is required. Don't waste time and handle the shipping of your goods in an uncomplicated way with Mail Boxes Etc. Especially for online store owners, Mail Boxes Etc. has developed the free plug-in MBE e-LINK. Your e-business will pick up speed with it, because orders will reach customers in no time at all.

MBE e-LINK helps you manage your online sales effortlessly. With MBE e-LINK you need less time to manage and deliver the orders, because the complete shipment management is supported by the plug-in. You concentrate on your core business, the warehouse and shipping processes are handled by Mail Boxes Etc. with MBE e-LINK.

Plug-in for online stores

The experts at Mail Boxes Etc. have developed MBE e-LINK, the perfect solution for your e-commerce business. The customized solution is fully focused on optimal shipping. It allows you to manage and monitor shipping directly from your e-commerce site.

The plug-in connects your online store directly to the MBE system "OnlineMBE". This connection provides your end customers with different shipping methods and services in first-class MBE service quality. Furthermore, online store owners can hand over all shipping and warehouse processes to the professionals at Mail Boxes Etc. Outsourcing shipping and warehouse logistics frees up your time as an entrepreneur, which you can use for other purposes.

All-round carefree package for orders

The first step is to automatically capture shipments, after which shipping labels are printed automatically. Next, we generate the shipping data and tracking numbers. But the plug-in can do even more: Administration with MBE e-LINK is straightforward and creates an overview of personalized lists and different shipping methods. Furthermore, the administration of single and multiple shipments, surcharges and additional services is part of it. Likewise, you always have an overview of insured shipments.

Online store owners are not only interested in a smooth shipping process, but also demand planning as well as data evaluation of their e-commerce business. This is where another module of MBE e-LINK comes into play. The plug-in enables a precise planning of daily closings (manually or automatically). Furthermore, in connection with OnlineMBE, a monitoring and evaluation of the dispatch takes place.

Compatibility with your online store

There are various online store systems. The experts at Mail Boxes Etc. have taken this into consideration when developing the plug-in. MBE e-LINK offers you compatibility and works flawlessly with Magento, CE, Prestashop and Woocommerce systems. On these well-known store systems you will also find online a free link to download MBE e-LINK. If you use another online store system, just contact us. Other connections are also possible on request.

MBE e-LINK enables online store owners to fully concentrate on their core business and increase their productivity by conveniently handing over all shipping and logistics processes to the professionals at MBE. Contact us and let the Mail Boxes Etc. professionals advise you.

The plug-in is currently compatible with Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Shopify. Other solutions are possible on request.

It allows you to automate shipping to your company's priorities and those of your buyers.

The MBE Plug-In and the activation are guaranteed free of charge!

It allows you to manage and monitor shipping directly from your e-commerce site.

Ready-made plug-ins

MBE e-LINK can already be found in the most popular store systems as a downloadable extension.



Service overview

  • Automatic recording of shipments
  • Automatic creation of shipping labels
  • Generation of shipping data & tracking numbers
  • Management of personalized lists
  • Management of different shipment types
  • Management of single and multiple shipments
  • Management of surcharges and additional services
  • Management of insured shipments
  • Precise planning of daily closings (manual or automatic)
  • Connection with OnlineMBE for monitoring and evaluation of shipments


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