Design & print calendar for 2022:
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Despite MS Outlook and countless calendar apps for smartphones and tablets, the classic calendar is not dying out.

According to a survey conducted by the market and opinion research institute YouGov in 2019 on behalf of the providers WEB.DE and GMX, even in the digital age almost every second German (46% of all respondents) organizes his or her daily life by means of a wall calendar or a desk calendar made of paper.

  Desktop calendar 2022 design & print at Mail Boxes Etc.

On the other hand, only one in three relies on the smartphone. Reason enough for companies to specifically address the issue of "printing calendars" - and to think now already about a monthly calendar 2022!

Mail Boxes Etc. is your "one-stop" calendar partner - we take care of everything that goes into calendar production. Design calendars, add a company logo to calendars, print and ship calendars: Our service portfolio in terms of calendar service can be seen. Of course, we also design and print desk calendars and Advent calendars.

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Hand out 2022 monthly calendar to customers and prospects:
Why this is good advertising for you

Wall calendars have the same function in offices, gyms, cafeterias and lounges as they do in private homes: They are used to plan holidays, occupancy times and events, and important dates are entered on them. At least once a day, but usually several times, every office team, crew or family member consciously looks at the calendar. For companies that issue calendars to customers and to prospective customers, this creates huge advertising potential.

How to benefit from branded calendars:

Advertising exposure over a year
No calendar is replaced before a year has passed. A calendar that has made it once on the wall - or in the case of table calendars on the table - stays there for at least 365 days. This then also applies to your advertising message.

Regular "refreshing" of the advertising message
If your branded calendar not only carries your brand logo, but also consists of brand-specific imagery, the promotional message will renew itself by turning the pages every month (or every quarter for a 3-month calendar)

Highlighting business-relevant days
A monthly calendar that you have designed and printed according to your specifications gives you the opportunity to highlight certain days that are important to your business - such as dates of trade shows at which you are represented or launch dates for product launches. This way you can unobtrusively make your target group aware of these dates.

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Have calendars produced by Mail Boxes Etc:
These options are available

What types of calendars can you have us make? All the popular ones! We produce for you

  • Monthly calendar/wall calendar,
  • 3-month calendar (quarterly calendar),
  • Table calendar, lengthwise or crosswise,
  • Advent calendars and
  • Writing pads with calendar imprint
  Customers lets design calendars from Mail Boxes Etc.

We are open to all possible formats and customization requests. You want to have a monthly calendar 2022 printed, which stands out by a special embossing? Or an oversized wall calendar 2022? No problem. We can also arrange for individual clients of yours to receive calendars with personalized pages, or for all of your calendars to be customized and printed (with highlighting for common meeting dates, for example).

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Start thinking about calendars for 2022 now!

Private and corporate customers who use monthly calendars usually have a fixed place for their calendar - for example, the wall where the bulletin board also hangs. The sooner a calendar is available, the sooner it will hang there. So by having calendars for 2022 produced early, you increase your chances of being present with your target group next year with one of your branded calendars.

  Wall Calendars 2022 by Mail Boxes Etc. | Design and Print

The closer it gets to winter, the more focus other vendors (including your competitors) will place on calendars. Your customers will then likely receive multiple calendars. Why risk getting lost in the shuffle? Secure prefer as an early starter the undivided attention of your customers, than to land later with your calendars under "furthermore".

And finally: the Christmas season is almost always characterized by high stress levels for tradespeople anyway. Who has time then to worry about promotions like a calendar production? Because even if Mail Boxes Etc. does almost everything for you: you have to commission us and make a selection among the various options in any case. So it's best to do it now. We will be happy to advise you!

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