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Guaranteed Advertising Presence for an Entire Year with Calendar Printing

Calendars have a permanent place in both personal and business life. Despite the numerous digital solutions available, a physical, tangible version is still essential for many. Therefore, calendars remain an important advertising tool for businesses in all industries. Mail Boxes Etc. is your one-stop calendar partner - we take care of everything related to calendar production. From designing calendars to adding your company logo, printing calendars, and shipping them, our calendar service portfolio is comprehensive and of high quality. We also design and print desk calendars and Advent calendars.

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Printing Calendars - A Marketing Tool with a Sustainable Impact

Calendars serve the same purpose in offices, sports facilities, cafeterias, and common areas as they do in households. They are used to plan vacations, track availability, and note important dates. Each day, and often multiple times a day, every team member, athlete, or family member consciously looks at the calendar. For businesses that distribute calendars to customers and prospects, this presents a huge advertising potential.

Advertising Presence for a Year

A calendar is not replaced before the end of a year. Once a calendar has made its way onto the wall or desk, it remains there for at least 365 days. The same goes for your advertising message.

Regular Refreshment of the Advertising Message

If your branded calendar not only displays your logo but also includes brand-specific images, the advertising message is refreshed with each page turn, be it monthly or quarterly for a 3-month calendar.

Highlighting Business-Relevant Days

By designing and printing a custom calendar according to your specifications, you can highlight specific days that are important for your business, such as trade show dates where you will be present or product launch dates. This allows you to subtly raise awareness among your target audience for these events.

Usefulness for Your Customer Base

Calendars are useful tools that many people use in their daily lives. By giving your customer base a calendar with your logo, you offer them something they can actually use while positively influencing their perception of your company.

Creative Design for Effective Company Branding

A calendar can provide a creative way to showcase your company and brand. You can design your calendars with your own images, slogans, quotes, or other design elements that represent your brand message and values.

Customer Acquisition

By using calendars as promotional gifts, you can attract new customers. You can give them to potential customers at trade shows or events to increase brand awareness and expand your reach.

Customer Retention

By giving calendars to your existing customers, you can strengthen your relationship with them. Rewarding your customers with personalized calendars helps enhance customer loyalty.

Furthermore, calendars are a cost-effective marketing tool that can have a high impact. They offer a creative way to showcase your brand and attract or retain customers.

Calendar Printing with Mail Boxes Etc.

There are various types of calendars, each offering different advantages. If you want to print calendars, we provide individual advice and develop a customized product for you. Consultations can be conducted over the phone or online via email. However, many of our customers choose to visit one of our 150+ locations throughout Germany for in-person discussions.

What types of calendars can we produce for you? All the common ones! We produce:

  • Monthly / wall calendars,
  • 3-month calendars (quarterly calendars),
  • Desk calendars (portrait or landscape),
  • Advent calendars, and
  • Writing pads with a calendar imprint.

We are open to all possible formats and customization requests. Do you want to print a monthly calendar with special embossing? Or an oversized wall calendar? No problem. We can also ensure that individual customers receive personalized pages or that all calendars are custom-designed and printed according to specific customer requirements (e.g., highlighting shared conference dates).​

Printing Photo Calendars as a Marketing Tool

A photo calendar can be a great way for your company to showcase your brand and products while also serving as a useful tool for customers and employees. You should first define your target audience for the photo calendar to ensure that the images and layout are tailored to their needs and preferences. Ideally, the theme or message of the photo calendar should align with your brand and products. Possible themes can include seasonal images, product or service pictures, employee portraits, landscapes, or other relevant images.

Printing Monthly Calendars

Private and business customers who use monthly calendars typically have a designated place for their calendar, such as a wall where the bulletin board is located. The sooner a calendar is available, the sooner it will be hung up. By producing calendars for the following year in advance, you increase your chances of being present with your branded calendar among your target audience next year.

As winter approaches, calendars will become a focal point for other providers (including your competitors). Your customers will likely receive multiple calendars. Why risk getting lost in the crowd? Secure the undivided attention of your customers by being an early starter. Besides, the Christmas season is often characterized by high levels of stress for business owners. Who has time to deal with advertising campaigns such as calendar production? Take care of it in advance with our help. We are happy to provide guidance!

Printing Desk Calendars

Desk calendars have high everyday visibility. When you design these calendars, you have the opportunity to communicate with your customers on a daily basis. Depending on the format and desired design, you can integrate images, slogans, or quotes - the creativity knows no bounds .

Printing 3-Month Calendars - An Ideal Alternative to Traditional Formats

For business customers in particular, the 3-month calendar is a suitable marketing tool. The compact calendar aligns with the usual business quarters and offers additional advantages:

  • Enhanced Overview: Displaying three months at once, a 3-month calendar provides a greater overview compared to a traditional monthly calendar. Users can quickly grasp and plan appointments and events.
  • Space-Saving: A 3-month calendar requires less space on the wall or desk compared to three separate monthly calendars, making it ideal for limited spaces.
  • Improved Aesthetics: A 3-month calendar can be aesthetically pleasing, as the three months displayed together can provide a coherent and attractive representation.

When designing a calendar, there are many factors to consider. Whether you need to print a birthday calendar or any other type of calendar, our comprehensive consultation will help you make the right decisions for your project.

Printing Calendars - Paper, Format, Finishing Touches

Finally, there are additional details to consider for print orders that actively contribute to the success of a calendar as a marketing tool.

The choice of paper is crucial for the quality of the calendar. High-quality paper with a smooth surface and sufficient weight is ideal. It is also important to ensure that the paper is environmentally friendly, such as using FSC-certified paper.

The format of the calendar largely depends on its intended use. Larger formats like A3 or A2 are best suited for wall calendars, while desk calendars can be produced in smaller formats like A5 or A6. It is also important to adapt the format of the calendars to their design and content.

Finishing touches such as high-gloss or matte coatings, UV spot varnishes, embossing, or foil embellishments can enhance the visual appeal of the calendar and give it a premium look and feel. However, it is important for these finishing touches to align with the content of the calendar and the desired look and feel.

The design of the calendar should align with your company or the theme of the calendar. The layout should be simple and user-friendly, providing a clear overview of dates and events.

The quality of the print is crucial for readability and the overall appearance of the calendar. It is important for the print to be sharp and clear, and for colors and images to be reproduced in high quality. This requires correct print files, and our MBE team is here to support you in all aspects.

Mail Boxes Etc. - High-Quality Calendar Printing in a Comprehensive Package

At Mail Boxes Etc., each order is treated individually. This allows us to offer you a tailored comprehensive package. From budgeting to distribution of the final product, we are here to support you in every aspect.

Take advantage of our free and non-binding consultation. With over 1,600 locations in more than 40 countries worldwide, Mail Boxes Etc. is the largest network for graphic design, printing, packaging, and shipping services. In Germany, you can always find us nearby and visit our branches for personal discussions.

We are your personal local contact for all printing and marketing solutions.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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