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Packaging material for any content and format

The packaging of goods shipments is important to ensure that the contents of the packages reach the recipient safely. More and more consumers and businesses are ordering goods online and having them conveniently delivered to their homes or offices. Thanks to numerous innovations in packaging materials and shipping cartons, virtually anything can be shipped - from lightweight clothing to bulky furniture or quickly perishable food. Even environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable shipping boxes are available today. To ensure your goods reach their destination undamaged, choosing the right packaging is key. Mail Boxes Etc. offers you assistance in choosing the right packaging material for your goods shipments.

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Shipping goods - e-commerce sets the tone

In hardly any other industry is the proper packaging of all kinds of goods as important as in e-commerce. The sound barrier of 1 billion parcels per year worldwide was already broken in 2019. In Germany alone, every German citizen receives an average of 49 parcels a year - and the trend is rising. 

An enormous variety of products are packed and shipped in shipping cartons:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Electrical appliances
  • Textiles
  • Printed products
  • Decorative articles
  • Jewelry
  • Art objects

Every shipment needs customized packaging. The appropriate packing material, the size of the shipping box and also the securing of the goods in the box must be considered. 

Mail Boxes Etc. offers a comprehensive all-round service for online trade. We are your reliable partner for the safe packaging of your goods shipments, so that your products arrive intact at the recipient. 

Please contact our MBE employees with your request. We will be happy to advise you immediately and determine an individual service plan.

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MBE Services: All-round carefree package for online retailing

Take advantage of Mail Boxes Etc.'s offerings to get one-stop packaging solutions for your mail order business. We support you in all areas:

  • Choosing the right packaging material
  • Packing in special dimensions
  • Packaging with individual printing
  • Unpacked goods can be picked up
  • Goods labeling - fragile / cold chain

In addition, picking of your goods is also possible. You can concentrate fully on selling the products - we take care of all packaging and shipping tasks for you. We also offer state-of-the-art returns management and, especially for e-commerce companies, our MBE eShip and MBE OnLine solutions.

What are the types of packaging?

Every industry has its own requirements for the packaging of its products. While textile retailers look for lightweight solutions for their consignments that save as much space and postage as possible, antiquarian booksellers focus on break-proof, padded packaging for secure shipping. The range of packaging materials is correspondingly large. Each shipping carton has individual advantages that make it ideal for a particular industry. Here is an overview of the most common types of packaging:


  • Shipping cartons: robust, biodegradable and available in all sizes. Because of their versatility, cardboard boxes are probably the most popular option for packaging shipments of goods of any format.
  • Shipping bags: When documents need to be delivered without creasing (such as important documents or magazines), mailing envelopes with a cardboard backing are the best choice.
  • Film envelopes: The space- and postage-saving alternative to cardboard boxes. Impervious to light, waterproof and space-saving. Ideal for shipping soft clothing or other items that can also be easily dropped in the mailbox.
  • Thermal Packaging: For temperature-sensitive items such as food where the cold chain must not be interrupted during shipping. Whether it's a climate box or thermal bag, use cooling pads to keep your contents fresh during shipping.
  • Hazardous goods packaging: Only specially certified packaging is permitted for the transport of hazardous goods. Important criteria for approval include stability and the compatibility of the packaging materials with the hazardous goods. In addition, the dangerous goods packaging must be provided with a permanent, clearly legible label.


In addition, special packaging such as plastic transport boxes for bicycles and packaging tubes for fish are offered. Highly specialized shipping solutions are always suitable when the goods to be transported are particularly sensitive or goods from the high-price segment are shipped.

Suitable packaging for every requirement

Optimal packaging is tailored to the respective goods, protects the contents and is economical for the company. Accordingly, there are different things to consider within each industry. 

Bulky items such as a weight bench or furniture cannot be placed in a simple packaging box. Here, the packaging must correspond to the dimensions of the contents - for this purpose, there is special packaging, such as for packing and shipping bicycles. In addition to the cardboard box, the packaging material must also contain protective elements such as a bubble wrap. If the contents can be disassembled and compactly packed, higher-priced pallet shipping can often be avoided. 

If glasses, bottles and other fragile items are packed, the packaging box is ideally not much larger than the goods. This prevents the items from moving freely inside. In general, it is important to close hollow spaces with filling materials such as air cushion pads.

The shipment of foodstuffs is subject to strict regulations. Especially when it comes to perishable foods, where the cold chain must be maintained throughout the transport. In addition to the correct packaging, the transport route also plays a central role here. We will be happy to advise you in detail and to draw up an individual packaging and shipping plan.

The shipping and packaging of valuables is another area that needs to be considered separately. Antique vases and precious paintings not only have to be packed safely for transport. Here, the risk of loss must also be covered. In addition to high-quality packaging solutions for valuable consignments of goods, Mail Boxes Etc. therefore also offers customized insurance solutions for shipping with MBE Save Value Art.

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General tips for packing shipments of goods

Basically, it is important to adapt the packaging to the respective circumstances. In addition, there are general things that you should consider for packing all packages and shipments of goods:

  • Choose a sturdy packing box that is undamaged.
  • The packaging must not be much larger than the packed item.
  • Use filler materials to fill voids.
  • Label packages with fragile contents accordingly.
  • Use only parcel tape for bonding.
  • No parts should protrude from the package.
  • No parts should be attached to the outside of the package.

Tip: It is not only the correct packaging that needs to be considered. For international shipments, the correct address labeling is also relevant. We will be happy to advise you!

Sustainable packaging for your online business

With the increase in mail order business, the demand for packaging material has also increased. The consequences are rising prices for raw materials for cardboard boxes and plastic containers, but also lots of packaging waste. Not only responsible companies, but also more and more consumers want environmentally friendly packaging for more sustainable shipping.

Within the EU, the Packaging Act regulates what is considered environmentally friendly packaging. This is primarily about reducing the amount of packaging material used and using sustainable packaging materials. This includes, for example, cardboard packaging made from recycled materials or bubble wrap made from sugar cane.

Environmentally friendly packaging for customer loyalty
Using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is not only beneficial for the environment. Companies that actively focus on operating sustainably enjoy a better reputation with customers. 

You, too, can contribute to more sustainable shipping with your trade. We would be happy to support you in using resource-saving packaging and making your logistics particularly space-saving and efficient.

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Mail Boxes Etc. - Your packaging specialist

At Mail Boxes Etc. you can expect a comprehensive service for delivery and sales packaging. We will take care of the design and implementation of your packaging requirements. Our MBE printing service also allows you to use customized packaging materials with individual designs - ideal for implementing brand design in all areas. 

You will find our MBE experts at more than 150 locations throughout Germany. Arrange an on-site consultation or simply contact us by phone. Together we will develop a tailor-made concept for your company.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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