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National and international custom furniture shipping

Shipping furniture is a special logistical challenge: after all, beds or cabinets are not only bulky and difficult to transport, but also require special care when it comes to packaging. To ensure that your furniture arrives reliably at its destination, it is important to rely on a customized offer.

There are many areas where furniture shipping is needed:

  • Business furniture shipping - (e.g. through furniture stores and online furniture stores).
  • Shipping furniture as part of a move
  • Shipping precious antique furniture internationally

Today, a wide range of services are offered to business and private customers. In this regard, you can ship furniture in different ways, such as pallet shipping or even parcel shipping. To get the best deal and the service you want for your furniture shipment, we offer them a number of options. Contact us by phone or schedule an appointment at one of our more than 150 locations nationwide. Our Mail Boxes Etc. Team will find the best shipping solution for you.

Shipping furniture - how much does it cost?

For shipping furniture pricing per piece can look very different. This is because there are a number of factors to consider. Among other things, the weight and the dimensions of the shipment play a role. If you are shipping two chairs, the costs will be correspondingly different than for shipping a closet.

For business customers, we offer additional services that affect the total price of furniture shipping. Among other things, you can have us handle the storage and picking of furniture. Custom printed packaging can also be included in the offer.

In order for us to offer you the best conditions for your order, simply contact the MBE team. You can reach us by phone and of course on site. We will work out a customized cost plan for you that takes all factors into account.

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Packing furniture for shipment

Furniture comes in all sizes, shapes and weight classes. Therefore, the appropriate packaging is always tailored to the specific piece of furniture. Especially for very valuable furniture, it is important to use the appropriate packaging materials. This minimizes the risk of possible damage in transit.

Here is a selection of the packaging materials used for furniture shipping:

  • Robust cartons in the appropriate size
  • Bubble wrap and bubble cushions
  • Stretch film for upholstered furniture and large goods
  • Edge protection and adhesive tape
  • Cable ties and lashing straps

Regardless of whether you want to ship a cabinet or send a bed: It is usually a good idea to disassemble the furniture as compactly as possible before packing. This is not always possible. Antique furniture in particular can often only be transported as a whole.

If protruding parts such as chair and table legs or a mirror attachment can be removed from the piece of furniture, this should also be implemented. The next step is to fold the parts together if possible. Here, for example, there is the option of wrapping chair legs separately in corrugated cardboard and placing the individual parts together in one box. If there are several parts in one carton, the voids are filled with filling materials such as bubble wrap.

Drawers and cabinet doors that are transported as a whole must be secured to the piece of furniture with tape or by a lashing strap. Then wrap the entire piece of furniture with a tear-resistant stretch film. For various pieces of furniture, it is advisable to place an edge protector made of cardboard or plastic beforehand. For example, if you are shipping an armchair that has a wooden frame.

Furniture shipping with the forwarding company

From a weight of 30 kg it is recommended to ship the furniture on a pallet and by a forwarding agent. Within Germany, we offer our own comprehensive delivery network for large and bulky shipments. But we are also integrated into a comprehensive forwarding network for international furniture shipments. The forwarding dispatch for furniture is adapted to your individual order. Our priority is to use as few delivery envelopes as possible in order to handle the shipment quickly and safely. Our 150 shipping centers throughout Germany make this possible. Contact our MBE staff and we will create a shipping plan for your furniture.

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Furniture shipping for business customers - special features

In the furniture retail sector, it is particularly relevant to offer high-quality shipping solutions. As furniture purchasing is also increasingly shifting to the online sector, companies today need fast, reliable and cost-optimized shipping options for furniture of all kinds. Here, it is not only important to be able to respond quickly to orders - there is also often a need for comprehensive additional services.

Mail Boxes Etc. therefore offers business customers a range of additional services:

  • Customized transport solutions for single orders and high shipping volumes
  • Targeted outsourcing for optimized workflows
  • Direct and special deliveries
  • Late pickups
  • All-in-one solutions made to measure

Through our all-round carefree service, we not only handle the shipment of furniture for your company. We also take care of the collection, storage, picking and packing of the furniture. Furthermore, we offer you precise shipment tracking, prepare the goods for international deliveries according to customs regulations and support you in complaint management. In addition, you can ship furniture unpacked. We come to you and take care of every step in the shipping process.

Info: Also take advantage of the possibility to have your shipping boxes individually printed. This service is actively used in marketing to strengthen the recognition value of your company and contribute positively to the customer experience. We will be happy to advise you on our printing offers.

International furniture shipping

International furniture shipping is becoming increasingly interesting, especially for business customers. Thanks to global networking, it is possible to sell furniture to customers all over the world. If you would like to ship furniture abroad, a number of customs regulations must be observed. We will be happy to help you collect all the necessary documents and fill them out correctly.

Shipping furniture with Mail Boxes Etc.

You would like to have a special piece of furniture transported to your vacation home in Italy? Or do you need professional support for your furniture shipment? Here too, Mail Boxes Etc. is the right contact. Our comprehensive offer is optimized on all requirements and challenges in furniture shipping.

You will receive tailor-made solutions for every request. We offer a wide range of additional services such as storage and picking of your furniture. But we can also handle areas such as customs clearance and returns management for you.

We rely on a personal approach for all customer contacts. Therefore, we do not use digital waiting loops for our telephone hotline - you will directly reach a personal contact person. Furthermore, we welcome you at any time in one of our more than 150 shipping centers.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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