Europe Shipping with Mail Boxes Etc.

Europe Shipping with Mail Boxes Etc.


Fast, secure and reliable: Move your goods, documents and parcels across Europe.

Cross-border logistics is indispensable in modern business. Mail Boxes Etc. is your strong partner also beyond national shipping. When shipping in Europe, as an MBE customer you enjoy all the important advantages that also apply to domestic shipping:

  • Personal support at the MBE Center instead of waiting on hold and recorded messages
  • Individual solutions and services for your needs: You receive a tailor-made offer with attractive conditions
  • Flexible pick-up times and planning of delivery times for your parcels, packages and pallets for Europe
  • Late hours possible without any problems
  • Attractive prices for letters, parcels and packages in Europe and worldwide
  • Insurance of your shipments
  • All-round service: MBE takes care of the entire shipping cycle for you - before, during and after shipping throughout Europe
  • Fast, safe and on time: With MBE you do not take any risks with your shipment

Free travel for parcels and packages in the European Union

The principle of free movement of goods across national borders opens up a huge common market for companies in the EU. But even if customs regulations are generally omitted, import conditions must be observed. As the distance and number of national borders crossed increases, so do the demands on the transport service provider. Optimizing shipping costs for European shipments is another challenge. MBE can show you the best and most economical solutions with numerous logistics partners.

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Out of the comfort zone: Shipping in Europe but outside the EU

When shipping to non-EU countries in Europe, customs regulations then come into full effect, increasing both the expense and the imponderables of shipping letters, parcels, packages, pallets and freight.

We are your ideal partner for imports and exports and bring the right expertise for your goods shipments to non-EU countries.

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Further down, we look in turn at how the shipping of goods and documents becomes increasingly complex when countries are involved, first within, then outside the EU. In Europe alone, these include important economic and trading partners such as Switzerland, but also Turkey and, of course, the UK.

With its global network, Mail Boxes Etc. Support you effectively in all scenarios.

Cheap shipping costs in Europe?

Unlike in domestic shipping, in European shipping it is not only the type quantity weight and dimensions of the goods that matter. The international shippers have divided the world into zones in their shipping rates. Here, shipping from Germany to Central European EU countries is the cheapest and the most expensive to non-EU countries.

Through our logistics partners and a variety of offers and services we find the best price-performance ratio for your European shipping, whether it is pallet freight, parcels or packages in Europe. Our prices are as individual as our services. Therefore, please contact us personally - without having to wait on hold or wait for a message.

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Expansion with MBE

Your business is growing? Congratulations! If you now need more time for your core business, MBE is a strong and reliable partner at your side. We have the know-how around shipping in Europe and all over the world, we are familiar with the existing customs regulations. Through personal consulting we find individual solutions for you and save your perhaps most important resource: time.

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In detail: Imports and exports within the EU

Shipping within the EU is in principle free of customs duties and taxes. German customs only checks whether the import conditions for certain goods are observed.

For certain goods and economic goods, however, restrictions must be observed or taxes must be paid.

Do you have to observe import and export restrictions?

Restrictions on imports and exports within the EU are in place for dangerous goods such as fireworks, weapons and explosive chemicals - which actually almost goes without saying, because trade in such goods is already strictly regulated domestically as well.

Does your EU package contain excisable goods?

Goods subject to excise duty - i.e. tobacco products and spirits in particular - can initially be shipped untaxed by the sender, as the tax is levied at the destination. When imported into another EU country, the excise duty must then be paid. If this is not arranged by the shipper or the shipping company, the obligation falls to the recipient.

Incidentally, the excise tax regulations also apply to shipments between private individuals, as the goods are "commercially obtained", i.e. not brought personally. However, most goods can be shipped unhindered from EU country to EU country.

How is the sales tax handled?

For the sale of goods between companies within the EU, both sides require a VAT identification number. The commercial recipient of the goods determines the VAT due and pays it to the national tax authorities.

In principle, the VAT on cross-border trade in goods is always paid in the country to which the goods are shipped, in accordance with the destination principle.

For foreign shipments in online trade (i.e. B2C), a "delivery threshold" of currently 10,000 euros has been set in the EU. The VAT for sales of goods below this delivery threshold is paid as input tax in the country of the sender. Beyond the delivery threshold, the VAT must be paid in the country of destination of the parcel or package.

Special areas - other rules for duties and taxes

Special territories of the EU are mostly islands that belong to the national territory of an EU country. Examples are the German island of Heligoland, the Spanish Canary Islands (ESP), Greenland belonging to Denmark and the French overseas territories.

A group of these special territories does not belong to the customs territory of the EU. As a result, imports from such territories must be treated as imports from non-EU countries. The second group of special territories belongs to the customs territory but not to the tax territory of an EU country. This results in different procedures for tax treatment.

For example Brexit: Shipping in Europe, but not (anymore) within the EU

The necessary reorganization of cross-border trade in goods between the United Kingdom and the EU was one of the most stubborn drags on the Brexit negotiations. In order to avoid Ireland's complex situation with the EU republic in the south and the non-EU north and customs controls, it is now continuing to proceed as if all of Ireland were still part of the EU customs territory.

For exports and imports to the UK, on the other hand, the full range of customs formalities has been reintroduced.

To export goods to the UK, first register for an EORI (Economic Operator Identification Number). Declare your shipment as well and accurately as possible in terms of value and content. Decisive for further regulations is whether the value of the goods is higher or lower than 135 GBP. You also need a commercial invoice in English, you must assign a so-called HS code to your goods so that they are clearly classified for customs, and you must comply with import VAT regulations.

Mail Boxes Etc. is at your side to advise you in advance and assist you in handling your shipping orders, including customs, to the UK and other non-EU countries.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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