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Secure shipping of jewelry and other valuables

If you want to ship valuables, Mail Boxes Etc. is the right place for you. From insured single shipments to customized offers for high shipping volumes: we offer individual solutions for your shipping needs. If you want to ship jewelry, for example, our flexible MBE SafeValue insurance options offer all-around protection for your shipments. And with our all-round carefree service, you can ship even fragile china - we pick up the shipping items, pack them securely and take care of the entire shipping process.

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Packing valuables correctly

Suitable packaging plays an important role in the safe shipment of valuables. Which materials to use depends on the particular shipment. In general, however, attention should be paid to the following:

  • The carton should not be too large to avoid moving the items during transportation.
  • Individual parts should each be wrapped separately in paper or cushioning film.
  • Packaging materials such as bubble wrap or cushioning envelopes protect the contents during transport.
  • Cavities in the carton should be filled with cushioning or other filling material.
  • If necessary, the carton can be labeled with warnings about the fragile contents.

Caution: Never indicate on a shipment of goods that there are valuables inside. If possible, terms such as "auction house", "gold trade" or "antique trade" should also be avoided.

We will gladly take over the packing of your shipment to ensure the safe dispatch of your valuables. We use high-quality packaging materials tailored to the specific requirements of the shipment.

MBE SafeValue - send valuables insured

Whether you need to ship jewelry or implement a shipment for antiques, MBE SafeValue can help you protect valuable shipments against loss and damage. Our policy is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of valuables. Here is a selection of valuables for which our service is recommended:

  • Jewelry
  • Instruments
  • Special wines
  • Porcelain
  • Designer Fashion
  • Antiques
  • Works of art

Specify what type of valuables are in the shipment and their value. With MBE SafeValue, the entire shipment, including shipping and handling, is insured for you. Contact us to clarify all further details

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MBE SafeValue - the advantages at a glance

You want to ship high-value jewelry, art objects or porcelain? To ensure that your valuables are protected from pickup to delivery, we offer you various MBE SafeValue options to suit your needs. Thereby you benefit from these advantages:

  • Refunds are based on the declared value, which can be substantiated by proof of purchase or an appraisal. The costs for packaging and shipping are also covered.
  • Matching the declared goods, the insurance is made automatically - there is no need to fill in additional forms.
  • The recipients are informed that the shipment of valuables is covered.
  • We ensure fast and uncomplicated reimbursement through a simple claim procedure.

If you have any questions about MBE Safe Value, the individual regulations and restrictions for your goods shipments, please contact our service team.

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MBE SafeValue Art

For art and antiques shipments, MBE SafeValue Art is the optimal choice. This option protects valuables with a value of 1,000 euros or more. If you are shipping particularly valuable jewelry, paintings or valuable antiques, this is the option for you. Here are the key data at a glance:

  • Up to 10,000 € value of goods without deductible, above 10%.
  • In the event of partial damage, coverage of restoration costs or reduction in value
  • Coverage of the auction fee up to 25 % for auction goods

Contact us personally to secure the right protection when shipping your most valuable goods.

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MBE SafeValue Business

Business customers with a high shipping volume of more than 20 shipments of value per month receive a tailored insurance solution through MBE SafeValue Business. This option is designed for coverage amounts between €100 and €5,000 per shipment. If you want to ship jewelry, art objects, antiques or very valuable objects, MBE SafeValue Art also covers high shipment volumes.

Whether you are an antique dealer, auction house or art collector, Mail Boxes Etc. offers a tailor-made insurance solution for regular shipments of valuables. If you have any questions, please contact our service team, who will be happy to advise you by telephone. Or you can make a personal appointment on site at one of more than 150 locations throughout Germany. In this way, we can provide you and your business with optimum support in the shipping process.

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All-round carefree service to send valuables

If required, we will take over all shipping tasks for you. We pick up the valuables on site and take care of the packaging. Also possible customs regulations for a foreign shipment of the valuables are fulfilled by us.

To enable you to check the status of your shipment at any time, we use a comprehensive tracking system. This allows you and the recipients to always have an eye on the progress of the shipment.

What is the cost of shipping valuables?

When you send valuables with Mail Boxes Etc. Valuables, you will always receive an individual offer. We offer solutions that are tailored to your needs. The cost of shipping jewelry or paintings and antiques is determined by several factors. In addition to the size and weight of the package, the value of the item being shipped also plays a role. In addition, there is the destination and the selected additional options, such as the all-round carefree package.

Contact our MBE employees directly with your shipping inquiry. They will calculate the individual costs for your shipment.

MBE Mail Boxes Etc. - Security for your value shipment

Whether you want to send antiques, works of art or jewelry - with Mail Boxes Etc. you choose a secure and reliable shipping partner. Individual shipments for private individuals can be handled just as quickly as high shipping volumes in the business sector. Even very expensive and fragile shipments are in safe hands with MBE Services. Opt for uncomplicated, fast and secure shipping for your valuables. Simply contact us with your request.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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