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Creating Flyers for Your Company

The flyer is one of the most well-known and effective advertising tools - and it has been for over 500 years! With a flyer, you can quickly and efficiently reach your target audience. Furthermore, flyers are easy to customize and are a cost-effective advertising medium.

The modern flyer is versatile and can be produced in large quantities at short notice. Today, there are also a number of design and structuring rules that have emerged over time to ensure the best advertising impact. If you want to print or design a flyer for your company, it is important to be familiar with these rules. This way, the flyer can be optimized according to your specific requirements. Our experienced team at Mail Boxes Etc. is happy to advise you - over the phone, via email, or in person at one of our more than 150 locations.

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Creating Flyers - Choosing the Target Audience and Distribution Method

Before starting a flyer campaign, every flyer publisher should ask themselves two questions:

  • Which target audience is the flyer intended for?
  • How should the flyer be made accessible to the target audience?

The answers to these questions directly affect the choice of flyer format and material. If the target audience consists of visitors to a large event and the flyers will not be handed out but rather placed under windshield wipers in the parking lot outside the event venue, the format is not crucial. In this case, the material is more important: weather-resistant paper should be chosen at the flyer printing company to ensure that the flyers don't dissolve in light drizzle.

However, if the target audience consists of pedestrians in a pedestrian zone who should be handed the flyer, the format is more important than the paper. The flyers should fit in a shirt pocket, inside pocket of a jacket, or coat pocket (e.g., DIN long format). Otherwise, there is a risk that the recipients will not put the flyers away but rather discard them carelessly.

If postal distribution of the flyers is planned, lightweight paper is advisable, especially if the flyers will be placed in an envelope along with other documents as part of a mailing. In this case, it is also important to choose a flyer format that does not incur additional postage costs.

Printing Flyers - Structural Composition

When it comes to the structural composition of printed flyers, the well-known marketing "AIDA" formula applies. "AIDA" stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The formula dictates the order in which these points should be considered in an advertising medium.

Attention - Capture Attention

First and foremost, attention must be captured. A good title immediately stands out - whether through a strong headline, an appealing image, or an interesting message ("Grand Opening," "70% Discount," "Drive-In Service Now Available," etc.).

Interest - Generate Interest

Next, the interest of the readership must be aroused for the actual message of the flyer. If the flyer text addresses a specific problem or highlights a particular need of the target audience right at the beginning (e.g., "Summer is approaching, but do you have sun-sensitive skin?"), the audience feels immediately addressed. The subsequent text must then redirect the reader's interest to the product or service being offered.

Desire - Evoke Desire

Afterward, the product or service offering must be supported by arguments in a way that evokes desire in the readership (e.g., "Your benefits as a member of our fitness club: first... second... third...").

Action - Call to Action

Finally, the most important point follows: the so-called "call to action." At the end of the flyer, there should be a clear call to action (e.g., "Schedule a introductory appointment now!"), which the readers can respond to as quickly as possible.

Depending on the format and folding or stapling of the flyer, the AIDA formula also determines the page layout. For example, with a tri-fold flyer in DIN long format - a flyer folded twice lengthwise with the last page tucked in - the page layout would look as follows:


Designing Flyers and Printing Flyers - What to Consider?

When designing a flyer, it is important to consider the following points. This will ensure that the flyer is visually appealing and resonates with your target audience. You can rely on our MBE service representatives for comprehensive advice. Below, we will show you what to consider when creating a flyer or designing one online.

Define the Target Audience

Before starting the design of the flyer, define your target audience. What age group and interests do your potential customers have? How can you capture their attention? This information will help you tailor the design and content of the flyer to your target audience.

Clarity and Clear Messages

The attention span of readers when viewing a flyer is short, which is why messages need to be presented visibly and in a concise manner. Long uninterrupted passages of text are counterproductive; it is better to use short sections alternating with images and white space.

Visual Language

The visual elements of a flyer must align with the corporate design of the company issuing the flyer; otherwise, there will be no recognition, and as a result, the brand building will suffer. In the worst case, the goods or services offered in the flyer will not be associated with the company issuing the flyer. This nullifies the advertising effect.


Use striking graphics or images to draw attention to your flyer. Make sure that the flyer's design is consistent and stands out from the marketing materials of your competitors.

Colors and Fonts

Choose suitable colors and fonts that are easy to read and support the message of the flyer. Avoid using too many different fonts to maintain a consistent and unified visual appearance.

Paper Quality

The choice of the right paper quality can also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the flyer. Use high-quality paper from the flyer printing company to leave a professional impression.


If you want to create an advertising flyer (rather than just an informative flyer, such as one that informs the readership about a workshop relocation), ensure that the flyer also has an advertising effect. Specifically, design the flyer in a way that genuinely encourages the target audience or a part of the target audience to make a purchase or place an order, or at the very least, initiate contact.

You can achieve this by equipping the flyer with a benefit for the target audience, such as a discount coupon, voucher, or free ticket. Such a response element also allows you to precisely track the success of a flyer campaign: How many coupons are actually redeemed? What is the response time? How much additional revenue can be generated through coupon purchases?

Goal Setting

Define the goal of the flyer in advance to align the design more effectively. For example, is it intended to increase brand awareness or encourage a specific action?

Flyer design is a complex topic. We are happy to assist you in designing custom flyers that serve as the optimal advertising tool for your company.

Checklist: What Should a Flyer Include?

☑ Title / Headline
☑ Clear advertising message
☑ Company logo
☑ Call to action
☑ Contact details (company address, phone number, email address, website URL)

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Affordable Flyer Printing - Printing Flyers Locally

Take advantage of the comprehensive range of services offered by Mail Boxes Etc. directly on-site. We have been established in Germany since 2002 and have built a broad network of over 150 locations - with new locations regularly added. For you, this means that you can print flyers locally. Visit one of our MBE centers and promptly handle your order with us. We also offer the option of Flyer Express, allowing you to process new orders at short notice or reorder flyers for an existing order.

Creating flyers with Mail Boxes Etc.: Complete service from A to Z

If you want to launch a flyer campaign but need assistance with the flyer design, contact us today - because Mail Boxes Etc. takes care of all the necessary work for you! All we need from you is the order and the idea for the flyer (and, of course, your logo).

We take care of the design, provide guidance for the text if desired, source suitable images (if you cannot provide them yourself), and create a print template. Once the template is ready and has been reviewed, it goes into print. Again, we take care of everything for you. We offer various options for flyer printing, and we can explain the benefits of professionally printed flyers as an advertising medium. Read more here.

And the distribution? You can also leave this part of the flyer campaign to us. We ensure that your flyers are assembled, addressed, and sent to the addresses you have selected. We can even provide shipment tracking and delivery confirmation upon request.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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