Shipping bulky goods with Mail Boxes Etc. - fast, simple, good.

Shipping bulky goods with Mail Boxes Etc.


Simple, safe, fast

Ship bulky goods with Mail Boxes Etc. in no time at all. We offer customized solutions for shipping bulky goods of all kinds. Whether it's sports equipment, palletized goods or large-format art objects. With us, your goods will arrive safely and quickly. We take care of the entire shipping process for you: from packing the goods to day-precise delivery at the desired destination by our freight forwarder.

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What is bulky goods?

Bulky goods are all goods that do not fit into the standard cuboid cartons due to their size or weight. Due to their format, they occupy (block) space for other goods and thus cause higher costs for transport and storage. Bulky goods shipping is used, among other things, for:

  • sports equipment such as ski equipment
  • large-format art objects and pictures
  • industrial components, workpieces and raw materials
  • special or valuable pieces of furniture

When does a package become bulky goods?

A package is usually classified as bulky goods if one or more of the following apply:

  • The longest side of the package measures more than 100 cm. 
  • The package weighs more than 5 kg.
  • The package has a circumference of more than 3 m.
  • The package is misshapen and parts are sticking out or protruding.

It is possible that certain shipping service providers use different classifications as to when a package is considered bulky goods. The question of what constitutes bulky goods can only be answered individually. Please contact us for a personal consultation about your bulky goods shipment and the shipping costs. Together we will determine whether your parcel is bulky goods and which shipping option is suitable for you.

Examples of bulky goods shipments

Bulky goods are more common in some industries than others. Classic examples of bulky goods shipments are the following:

  • Tires
  • Furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Musical instruments
  • Electrical appliances (stove/TV/fridge)
  • Carpet
  • Aquarium
  • Large garden tools (lawn mower)

Contact us with your request. We will find a transport solution for your bulky goods shipment.

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Shipping bulky goods privately - what is there to consider?

You have sold your bike online and now you want to ship it? If you are shipping bulky goods privately, options such as a pallet shipment are often very expensive. Therefore, it is worth getting an individual quote for the package. Often, freight forwarding can be a cost-effective alternative for bulky goods shipments. For this, contact one of our more than 150 MBE Centers throughout Germany. Our experts will advise you personally and work with you to determine the best option for your bulky goods shipment. 

With the right packaging material, bulky goods can be packed optimally and safely. Our MBE employees will be happy to advise you personally on this as well. For more information about the MBE packaging service and the right packaging for your bulky goods shipment, please visit our website.

Tip: If bulky goods can be broken down into several individual parts, shipping several packages separately can also be an option.

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Packing bulky goods

Shipping bulky goods also places special demands on suitable packaging. Customized cardboard boxes easily accommodate large and bulky items. In addition, it is a good idea to fill cavities with filling material. This prevents individual pieces from moving around in the package. If all pieces in the package are securely connected to each other - for example, by adhesive tape - transport is also safer. Bubble wrap can also be a good choice for shipping bulky goods. 

There are suitable packaging solutions for many types of bulky goods. Bicycle boxes are a good example. But transport boxes for large works of art and sculptures are also offered.

Ideally, no parts should protrude from a package. This not only makes transport more difficult, it also increases the risk of damage to the goods. If the goods are sent completely unpacked, they are not insured against damage in transit. Therefore, the goods should either be packed by yourself or by the service provider.

Tips for packing bulky goods

  • Cover areas at risk of breakage with edge protection. Here there are offers made of cardboard, polystyrene or foam.
  • If possible, distribute the weight evenly within the package. This reduces the risk of tipping over.
  • Wrap the bubble wrap up to 5 cm in thickness to ensure good cushioning in the event of a fall. 
  • Attach delivery bills or delivery information in a clearly visible position. 
  • If necessary, use arrows to indicate the standing direction.

Bulky goods Shipping costs

The delivery requirements for bulky goods are different for each order. Therefore, we offer customized prices to both our private and business customers. We determine shipping costs for bulky goods based on your individual needs to always ensure fair and competitive prices. Contact our MBE staff with your request. Directly and personally on the phone, without waiting on hold or tape recording. Contact us now for your customized quote for fast, hassle-free bulky goods shipping.

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Ship bulky goods with shipping service provider or freight forwarder?

Both classic shipping service providers and freight forwarders take on the transport of bulky goods. The costs can vary greatly. Often, working with a freight forwarder is the cheaper alternative for shipping bulky goods - especially if the shipping volume is high. 

Transport time is another factor that should be considered when choosing between a shipping service provider and a freight forwarder. Shipping service providers typically offer faster delivery than freight forwarders, which often take several days to move a load.

Any surcharges for special services such as bulky item pickup or shipping to a specific location should also be mentioned in this regard.

Mail Boxes Etc. has an extensive network of shipping service providers and freight forwarding companies. We determine the best conditions for each shipment and implement the shipping of the bulky goods for you in the best possible way.

Packaging and shipping of bulky goods from a single source

Whether you want to handle a single shipment or you are a business customer sending bulky goods on a regular basis - Mail Boxes Etc. offers you a comprehensive all-inclusive package. We take care of all aspects of your bulky goods shipment. 

Proper packing of large or valuable items requires expertise. Our MBE employees are trained professionals and will gladly take care of all the necessary preparations for you to ship your bulky goods. Take advantage of MBE services for safe, fast shipping.

Pick up at the desired location

Use our pick-up service and save time and money. At the supplier's, in the warehouse or at your location - simply tell us the place where your parcel or bulky goods are to be picked up. We will come to you and take over your goods for further shipment. For this we offer you wide time windows to find a date when it suits you best. We are also happy to accept express shipments for bulky goods at short notice.

Bulky goods in warehouse picking

Shipping bulky goods is your core business? Use the services of Mail Boxes Etc. to outsource the storage and shipping of your goods. You simply connect your online store to our shipping system via MBE eShip and we take care of everything else.

Pallet shipping for national and international goods distribution

With MBE Services you can initiate a pallet shipment of multiple consignments of goods at any time. Supply stores across the country with goods or organize international shipments of goods with us. For the export of goods to other EU countries and third countries, we are also at your side with our expertise.

Professional packing directly on site

On request, our MBE services also include the packing of your bulky goods before shipment. Directly on site and according to the highest logistics standards. Our employees pack your bulky goods securely and professionally to effectively prevent transport damage. In doing so, we use only high-quality packaging materials. These are optimally tailored to the respective requirements of the cargo and goods.

Customized design packaging

Create custom packaging with custom printing solutions from Mail Boxes Etc. Showcase the company design on bulky goods packaging as well and create another point of contact for your brand. 

Our all-around worry-free solutions support you in all areas for successful bulky goods shipping. Contact us now for a consultation appointment.

Mail Boxes Etc. - Bulky goods shipping made easy

Make shipping bulky items easy with Mail Boxes Etc. We are here to assist you in all areas. Even during the initial consultation, we can provide you with customized logistics solutions and determine shipping costs for bulky goods. Our global network allows us to quickly meet all requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Transport bulky goods in single orders or via business accounts with high volumes - we are always the right contact.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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