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Print Posters and Banners for Your Business

Posters and banners are effective advertising tools. They provide an opportunity to communicate your desired message to a wide audience. Whether it's a concert poster or an election campaign banner, we support you in all aspects. At Mail Boxes Etc., you can have your posters printed. Upon request, we can create a targeted layout, advise you on the format and type of poster, and also handle the distribution of promotional materials if needed. Enjoy a cost-effective all-in-one solution for your company's posters and banners. For personal consultation, we are available to you by phone, online, and at one of our more than 150 Mail Boxes Etc. locations nationwide.

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Print Posters and Banners as Advertising Tools

Posters and banners are popular advertising materials for presenting a message in a visually appealing way. They offer a range of advantages. Posters and banners can be displayed in public places to reach a large number of people. They are also used in shop windows, businesses, and at trade fairs and events to draw attention to your company or products.

When you print posters and banners, you enjoy great creative freedom. You can use different colors, fonts, images, and graphics to design your message and directly engage your target audience. The possibilities are endless. With modern printing techniques and a wide range of materials, MBE Services provides posters and banners that are tailored to your specific needs.

If a poster or banner is designed to be eye-catching, it quickly captures people's attention and creates a lasting memory of your message or company. This makes these advertising materials particularly effective.

Compared to other advertising tools such as TV commercials or newspaper ads, posters and banners are a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience. Posters and banners are available in various sizes and formats, allowing them to be displayed in different locations to reach different target groups.

A quick turnaround is another advantage of having your posters printed at Mail Boxes Etc. Poster printing is fast, making it an ideal option for short-term campaigns or events. Contact an MBE location near you. We provide direct and personal advice.

Printing Banners - the Right Choice for Many Applications

Posters and banners can be used in many different places and for various purposes:

  • In public spaces: Posters and banners can be hung on billboards, bulletin boards, bus stops, and other public places to reach a wide audience.
  • In businesses: Posters and banners can also be used in your own company to draw customers' attention to new products, special offers, or events. They can also be used indoors to communicate company culture or values.
  • At events: Posters and banners are suitable for events such as concerts, festivals, and trade fairs to inform visitors about the program, participating companies, or artists.
  • In shop windows: These advertising materials can be displayed in shop windows to draw customers' attention to new products or offers.
  • In educational institutions: They can be used in schools and universities to inform students about upcoming events, courses, or internships.
  • As decorations: Posters and banners can also be used as decorative elements in living spaces or public areas.


Designing Posters - Available Materials

We print your posters and banners on all types of materials. Depending on the application and budget, certain materials are better suited for your poster printing.

Paper is the most commonly used material when printing posters and banners. Paper is lightweight and easy to print on. There are different types of paper, including glossy or matte paper, cardboard, or poster paper. Additionally, various finishes can be chosen for paper posters.

Vinyl is used when you want to print weather-resistant posters. It is a durable material often used for outdoor posters. It can also be cut into different sizes and shapes and can have a glossy or matte surface.

Other materials for poster printing include:

  • Polyester, linen, or cotton fabrics
  • Plastics - polypropylene, PET, PVC, or acrylic
  • Metals - aluminum, steel, or copper
  • Wood


Printing Weather-Resistant Posters

To print posters that can withstand strong wind and weather outdoors, you have several options. If you need large billboards, you can have your advertisement printed on weather-resistant affiche paper and apply it to a suitable backing with adhesive. The paper has a blue back that is opaque and prevents the underlying surface from showing through.

All-weather posters can also be attached to fences or lampposts without wall mounting as they have pre-punched holes. They are very robust and have a high grammage of about 750 g or 840 g. They are also coated, for example, with a dispersion varnish or a film coating.

Weather-resistant posters can be printed on a carrier board made of more than just wood fibers - this option is very popular for election posters that need to withstand the elements for a longer period and be easily disposable after use. A hollow chamber panel is also weather-resistant and stable, and can be attached with cable ties.

Laminating Posters

Laminating posters is a common method to make them more durable and resistant to external influences such as moisture, dirt, or wear. It involves applying a thin film to the poster, which protects it from damage.

There are different types of laminating films used depending on the intended use.

  • Glossy films are perfect for colorful and high-contrast images as they make the image more vibrant and radiant. They also reflect more light, resulting in a more eye-catching appearance.
  • Matte films are more suitable for posters with text and graphics as they reflect less light and are therefore easier to read. They also have the advantage of attracting fewer fingerprints and dust compared to glossy films.
  • Adhesive films have a layer of adhesive on one side. They are useful for sticking posters to surfaces such as walls, doors, or windows. They are particularly convenient when the poster needs to be regularly moved or replaced.
  • UV-resistant films provide higher protection against UV radiation and are ideal for outdoor posters exposed to the sun. They prevent the poster from fading, thus increasing its durability.
  • Anti-glare films reduce reflection and glare on the poster, providing a clearer and more visible display. They are particularly useful when the poster is placed in a room with strong light.

If you want to laminate posters, it can be done either by hand using a specialized laminating device or by machine. It is important to ensure that the poster is completely dry before laminating to avoid warping or smudging the ink. Additionally, the laminating film should be at least 2 - 3 mm larger than the poster to ensure secure and uniform coverage. Of course, we also offer poster and banner laminating services.

Poster Printing with Mail Boxes Etc.

Take advantage of our comprehensive service to quickly obtain the right posters and banners for your project. In our on-site service center, we can also handle more extensive orders immediately. Our experienced staff on-site provide individual advice and create a tailored offer for you.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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