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As an experienced shipping service provider, we are the right choice for your company. With Mail Boxes Etc., you bring movement to your logistics. We are your strong partner for all services related to packaging, shipping, customs regulations, and more. From pickup to delivery, with our network of experienced shipping service providers, your goods arrive safely and quickly. And thanks to o*2*3949ur customized offers, always at a competitive price.

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Shipping Service Provider Comparison

Save yourself the effort of conducting an extensive shipping service provider comparison. Because Mail Boxes Etc. collaborates with leading shipping service providers worldwide. This way, we can support you precisely in every area. Whether you are looking for service providers for oversized shipments or want to cover a large volume of packages - we already have the best shipping partner at hand. So, we find the right solution for every need.

What shipping service providers are there?

Here are some shipping service providers from our network. Each provider has special advantages for business and private shipping.

Company Specialties
UPS - United Parcel Service
  • Globally operating package delivery service from the USA
  • 24-hour door-to-door delivery service
  • Import control and customs consolidation service
  • Dutch courier, express, and parcel service provider
  • Transports documents, packages, and freight
  • Many industry-specific solutions
  • US-based courier and logistics company
  • Largest cargo airline worldwide
  • Global operations
  • Next-day service to a variety of destinations
  • National and international shipping
  • Delivery of letters, parcels, and pallets
  • Special shipping solutions for online shops
  • Shipping service provider for B2B and B2C
  • Scheduled deliveries, 24-hour service, management of goods receipts
  • Efficient solutions for companies with multiple locations

Always the right shipping solution!
Mail Boxes Etc. is a premium partner of:

Mail Boxes Etc. ist Premium-Partner von UPS Mail Boxes Etc. ist Premium-Partner von TNT Mail Boxes Etc. ist Premium-Partner von FedEx Mail Boxes Etc. ist Premium-Partner von DPD Mail Boxes Etc. ist Premium-Partner von IDS


Step-by-step to the right shipping service provider

How do you find the best shipping service provider for your logistics? By clearly defining your requirements. Do you need an expert for international shipping, a partner for demanding import regulations, someone with heavy equipment, or all of the above? With our checklist, you get an overview. You should answer the following questions when searching for a suitable shipping service provider:

  • Number of package shipments per month or year?
  • Type of shipments - oversized goods, fragile items, art shipments, jewelry shipments?
  • Insurance coverage?
  • Pallet shipping or individual shipments?
  • Required delivery time?
  • Domestic or international shipping?
  • Customs clearance?
  • Returns management?
  • Packaging service?

Once you have clearly defined the requirements, you have already taken the first step towards finding the right shipping service provider. We are happy to support you in your selection. In Germany, you have direct access to a network of more than 150 Mail Boxes Etc. locations. We provide personal advice over the phone and on-site to determine the best shipping service provider for your needs.

How to recognize a good shipping service provider

Choose your shipping service provider carefully. After all, they transport goods for you to your customers. With the right partner, you can ensure in advance that you leave a good impression during delivery. Consider the following points when making your selection:

  • Experience in transporting the specific items
  • Professional and friendly demeanor
  • Services such as packaging, pickup, or precise delivery
  • Expertise in handling customs formalities or country-specific conditions
  • Flexibility and service-oriented approach even with last-minute changes
  • Good local knowledge
  • Tailored business options

Why a good shipping service provider is crucial

Not only since the e-commerce boom, shipping service providers have played a central role in trade. Shipping goods is an important part of the overall customer experience with a company. Studies have repeatedly shown that expensive or inadequate shipping options have a significant impact on sales completion. If customers encounter high shipping costs or long delivery times during checkout, they often decide against making a purchase. The returns policy is also crucial. If potential return costs have to be borne by the customer, it can also negatively influence the purchase decision.

Furthermore, the shipping service provider is a direct point of contact for customers. By offering electronic tracking and delivery notifications or providing extended delivery time windows, the entire shopping experience is improved. This, in turn, is relevant for customer loyalty and optimizing the company's reputation. Therefore, choosing the right shipping service provider also affects profitability.

Tip: Online shoppers appreciate free shipping above a certain purchase value. Many are willing to add additional items to their shopping cart to reach the free shipping threshold.

Is the shipping service provider compatible with the e-commerce system?

The suitability of a shipping service provider for your company also depends on the availability of electronic interfaces. If you need a WooCommerce shipping service provider, for example, to process orders from an online shop, the digital infrastructure must be in place.

We use a specially developed system for the automatic, digital integration of your shop. MBE eShip offers easy shop integration, allowing you to control your shipping directly through the e-commerce system. Shipping data is automatically transmitted to your MBE Center via the interface, which then initiates the shipping process. MBE eShip is available free of charge for popular online shop solutions such as Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.

Contact our MBE staff and let us advise you.

Mail Boxes Etc. - Multi-Carrier Shipping for Every Situation

With Mail Boxes Etc., you choose a shipping service provider that supports you and your company in every situation. Seasonal increases in volume during Christmas, Ramadan, or Chinese New Year are easily handled thanks to our network. Secure fast, cost-optimized, and customized global shipping.

We are able to respond quickly to changes in shipping demand. There is no additional effort for you. Through the digital integration of shop systems, we immediately recognize when, where, and how you need support. We contact and coordinate our shipping service providers accordingly.

Similarly, we adjust the shipping process in case of a decrease in shipping volume to avoid unnecessary costs for you.

One Contact for All Services

The selection of shipping service providers is enormous, ranging from simple courier drivers to global corporations. Which one is the right shipping service provider for your needs? Rely on our expertise when making your decision. What sets Mail Boxes Etc. apart is an international network. For our service, we collaborate with leading shipping service providers, enabling us to offer you the best solution for your shipping needs.

Many Partners - One Network

From simple packages to heavy-duty transports, your deliveries are in good hands with Mail Boxes Etc. thanks to our logistics partners worldwide. They are selected experts in their field and ensure safe and fast delivery:

  • Pallet delivery
  • High package volume
  • Domestic and international transport
  • Art shipping
  • Oversized goods transport
  • Valuables transport

One Contact - Many Service Offerings

The service offering of Mail Boxes Etc. goes beyond simple shipping. We offer various additional options that can be tailored to your company. Our packaging service saves you time through outsourcing. We pick up the unpacked goods from you and take care of high-quality packaging. Additionally, you can have the packaging customized with your own printing, ideal for optimizing your company's branding.

We also offer order fulfillment services. Shipping is automatically handled from your inventory by us. We are happy to take care of all the necessary documentation for shipping abroad, preparing the shipments based on customs regulations.

For shipping high-value goods, we offer a range of insurance options. With the MBE SaveValue offerings, every shipment is appropriately insured.

Claims management is also part of our service offerings. Build a trusting relationship with your customers, especially in challenging areas such as claims and returns.

Perfect for Your Online Shop

Mail Boxes Etc. brings momentum to your e-commerce business. Manage your shipments easily with MBE OnLine, the shipping platform for your e-business. We also have the right solution for online shops. With MBE eShip, you can outsource logistics and still control shipping through your shop system.

Utilize the Best Shipping Provider - Easily with Mail Boxes Etc.

Optimize shipping for your company. Mail Boxes Etc. supports you in all areas. We work with a network of experienced shipping providers and create an individual shipping concept for you. So, from the first package onwards, you can be sure to receive the best service at the best price. Contact one of our 150+ MBE Centers throughout Germany. We are happy to provide advice!

We look forward to your inquiry!

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