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Creating and Sending Mail Merge Letters: Serial Marketing Success


Sending printed letters – is it still relevant in the digital era? Absolutely. Even though emails, WhatsApp messages, and social media publications largely dominate written communication today:

The mail merge letter still functions as an information and marketing tool excellently.

The reasons for this are diverse – ranging from a higher attention value compared to emails, longer presence in the immediate environment of recipients, to effective image maintenance.

Even in terms of costs, the printed mail merge letter has its advantages. While printing and postage costs are incurred for printed materials, unlike for emails, the investment pays off: According to an Analog Mail Study by Deutsche Post from 2020, the RoAS (Return on Advertising Spend = advertising cost return) for printed mailings is on average 990 percent. This means that every euro spent on creating and sending mail merge letters generates an additional 9.90 EUR in revenue.

Mail Boxes Etc. is your partner for mail merge printing: We ensure that your mail merge letters are printed in the best quality, expertly assembled, and sent without errors.

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Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

Many small and medium-sized businesses still produce promotional mailings and information letters themselves, mistakenly believing it to be cost-effective. However, they overlook the commitment of personnel resources and the time required for printing, enveloping, and franking.

When considering the extremely high error-proneness of self-created mail merge letters, it becomes clear: Mail merge letters are an outsourcing topic.

Benefits of Mail Merge Letter Creation with Mail Boxes Etc.:

  • All-inclusive service: We handle the entire production and shipping process.
  • No effort required from you: We only need the content of the mail merge letter and the addresses from you – we take care of everything else.
  • Mailing personalization: Upon request, we ensure that the salutation in the letter text corresponds to the addressee's name. You can address your customers personally ("Good day, Mr. Schmidt") instead of using a generic salutation ("Dear customer").
  • Creation of QR code mail merge letters: We can generate dynamic QR codes in series and print them on your letters.
  • First-class print quality: We guarantee flawless printing. Fading color intensity (a typical problem with self-printing), stripes, or misaligned printing due to incorrect paper feed are not an issue with us.

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Sticker and Label Printing: Moving Away from Window Envelopes

Ensure that your letters attract attention and are guaranteed to be opened – by avoiding standard window envelopes! Advertising mailings in cheap envelopes with transparent address fields (that may even say "To all households") are hardly effective. Much more eye-catching are letters in sealed envelopes made of high-quality paper. Since we also offer sticker and label printing, we can easily provide your mail merge letters in sealed envelopes with address labels.

Whether it's direct mailings, change notifications, or invoices – we handle your mail merge orders quickly and effectively. We know what matters in printing and shipping and what pitfalls to consider. Would you like to learn more about how you can produce and have mass mail efficiently sent through Mail Boxes Etc.? Contact us, we are happy to advise you.

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