Plot and fold plans with Mail Boxes Etc.

Plotting plans with Mail Boxes Etc.


Printing Plans in Large Format

Mail Boxes Etc. offers an extensive service for plotting construction plans and other large print formats. Both private customers and business clients can benefit from our offerings. If you need plans plotted or prints made, we are here to provide advice and assistance. We have more than 150 locations nationwide where you can take advantage of our on-site plan plotting services. We can print the plans immediately and hand them over to you.

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Printing Plots to Your Specifications

Plots are needed in various industries. At our facility, we can print not only construction plans but also serve customers from diverse fields:

  • Architecture and Engineering – print your plans and drawings on a large scale.
  • Construction Companies – print plots of building plans and drawings.
  • Graphic Design – create plots for presenting or exhibiting finished or planned works.
  • Geology and Environmental Protection – have plots printed of maps and charts depicting geological formations or environmental conditions.
  • Research and Science – use plots to present data and results from studies and experiments.
  • Film Production – order plots to print storyboards and scene images on a large scale and visualize ideas.
  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies – we print plots for providing posters, banners, and other advertising materials on a large scale.


Printing Construction Plans with MBE Services

For construction plans, it is essential to have plots printed. We offer you the option to have your construction plans printed with us. Our CAD plot service is available for color prints and black and white prints. To ensure the optimal print result, there are a few things to consider when plotting with CAD.

Make sure you use the correct file format for your construction plan. Common formats include PDF, DWG, or DXF. Also, check the settings to ensure that the file has the correct units and scaling. Check the scaling of your construction plan to ensure that the print is displayed correctly on the paper or film. Of course, we will review your files before printing to avoid unnecessary misprints.

Choose the appropriate paper size for your construction plan. Common formats are A0, A1, A2, and A3. Make sure the paper is large enough to display all the details of the construction plan. If you are unsure about the required size for your construction plan, we can provide guidance.

Next, choose the right paper quality for your construction plan. Use a paper with higher density to ensure sharp and precise printing of the construction plan, especially if there are many details. Construction plans intended for presentation purposes should also be plotted on paper with higher density.

Keep in mind that there may be specific requirements to consider when printing construction plans:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Line thickness
  • Differentiating between bleed and trim

Printing Plans and Proper Folding

Plots can be folded in various ways to facilitate transport and storage. Each person may have their own preference, and different folding methods offer individual advantages. Here are some of the most common folding methods:

  • Zigzag Folding: The plot is folded alternately in one direction until it is in a compact form. This folding method works well for smaller plots.
  • Half-Folding: The plot is folded in half once to halve its size. This folding method is suitable for larger plots as it makes them more compact.
  • Quarter-Folding: The plot is folded twice to divide it into four equal parts. This folding method is particularly useful when reducing the plot to an A4 or A5 size.
  • Roll Folding: The plot is tightly rolled for easy transport and storage. This folding method is especially suitable for very large plots that are difficult to handle.

The so-called Munich Fold is a classic folding method for plans and plots, known for its compact form and easy handling. With this folding method, the plot is first folded in half and then folded in a zigzag pattern. The plot is always folded in the same direction, resulting in a compact rectangle that is easy to transport and store.

The Munich Fold is particularly suitable for plots that need to be frequently transported, such as construction plans or maps. Due to its compact form, the plots can be easily stored in bags or backpacks.

Laminating CAD Plots

To protect CAD plots from damage and wear, laminating them is the right choice. A thin film is applied to the surface of the plot and fixed using a laminating machine.

Lamination offers many advantages, especially for plots that are frequently used or subjected to heavy usage. It protects the plot from moisture, dirt, scratches, and other damages, making it more durable and keeping it looking like new for longer.

There are different types of laminating films that can be used for CAD plots. These include matte, glossy, or satin films in various thicknesses and sizes. The suitable film can be chosen based on the application and personal preference.

It should be noted that laminating the plot can make it slightly stiffer, which may make handling and folding more difficult. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable folding method and handle the plot with care to avoid damage.

Plotting Plans with MBE Services – a Wide Range of Offerings

Mail Boxes Etc. has more than 150 locations across Germany. With over 20 years of experience, we have built extensive expertise to serve you. Today, you can benefit not only from personalized advice, tailored prices, and fast order processing, but also from a wide range of services as your CAD plot service provider.

Printing Plans and Sending to Third Parties

We take care of the shipping of your CAD plots. Distribute construction plans quickly and directly to relevant parties. Whether it's an architectural firm, structural engineering office, or electrical service, accelerate every project by directly delivering relevant construction plans.

On-Site Printing of Plans

It is not uncommon for the final plans to be ready for plotting shortly before the next meeting. In such cases, online ordering is not an option. Instead, contact one of our print centers near you directly. On-site, we can not only provide advice but also immediately fulfill a range of printing orders. You can take the plans with you right away for presentation purposes.

Customized Price Calculation

Whether you need a color graphic plot or plan to integrate our CAD plot service into your company's daily operations in the long run, we can provide you with a personalized price quote that aligns with your financial capabilities. This ensures an optimized price-performance ratio for every order.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer multiple options for the final settlement of your orders. You can choose a payment method that is advantageous for you and your company. Additionally, the payment process can be adjusted for each order.

Plotting Plans Has Never Been Easier

Reach out to our experts with your inquiries. We will provide you with comprehensive advice and ensure that your CAD plotting order is executed quickly and with the highest quality. Contact us by phone or online via email. We are also always happy to welcome you at one of our branches.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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*The service offerings may vary depending on the location and MBE Center.

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