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Auction goods shipping: secure shipment after surcharge

Transporting goods safely is not an art - unless the goods themselves are art. In this case, things are different, because the transfer of art objects is a difficult business. It requires very careful preparation and a special approach. Similarly, the shipment of fragile goods, antiques and delicate valuables. For buyers of auction house goods, this means: be sure to hire specialists for shipping!

No risk with MBE Germany

Anyone who wants to ship art, send antiques or send high-value bulky goods or have bulky goods picked up should not take any risks. According to the Federal Network Agency, the number of complaints in connection with shipping services in Germany is around 18,000 a year, of which over 50 percent relate to the parcel sector. It is therefore obvious that precautionary measures should be taken for valuable shipments.

Mail Boxes Etc. is very familiar with the transfer of auction house goods. Shipping art, picking up art or shipping antiques - we have years of experience in this. We also know how to ship large packages. When you hire us to pick up your art, you can be sure that the job will be handled professionally from start to finish. We take care of

  • Packing,
  • Transportation (selection and commissioning of a courier service) and
  • Hedging.

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What service does Mail Boxes Etc. provide in the area of auction house shipping?

If you value not only security but also maximum convenience when collecting goods purchased at auction, Mail Boxes Etc. is the right service partner for you. Because: We take care of practically everything. "Practically everything" means: we procure suitable packaging material, pack the goods, select a suitable transport service, make sure that you can track the shipment digitally and, on top of that, we also offer you protection against loss or damage. All you need to do is to contact us and "brief" us regarding your shipping request.

Shipping paintings, send artwork, send wine: What is possible?

Whether paintings, graphics, collages or large-format photos, whether sculptures, wet furniture, antiques, fine wines, musical instruments, collectors' items or jewelry: with Mail Boxes Etc. you can transport or have collected everything that can be bought at art auctions.

Valuables class 1 and valuables class 2

If you want to ship auction goods and are researching the topic of "shipping valuables", you will inevitably come across the terms "Valoren Class 1" and "Valoren Class 2" in the terms and conditions of most parcel services. This means the following:

  • Class 1 valuables - are items of value that are personalized, such as personalized admission tickets, airline tickets or savings books. They can be blocked in the event of loss. The same applies to valuables such as computers, tablets or smartphones: These can also be blocked for unauthorized persons.
  • Class 2 valuables - this refers to valuables that are NOT personal (and accordingly cannot be blocked in case of loss), such as antiques, collections, jewelry, works of art, etc.

We organize the shipment of both Class 1 and Class 2 securities, with no size requirements and accepting five-digit value amounts. Why is this special? Because parcel services usually set a fairly low upper value limit (DHL: EUR 500) for class 2 valuables. If this upper limit is exceeded, the parcel services refuse liability in the event of loss because this constitutes a breach of the terms and conditions.

What makes Mail Boxes Etc. stand out as a service provider for auction house shipping?

Our greatest asset is our expertise and experience in shipping fragile valuables. This is already evident in our packing service: We know exactly which items to pack and how to pack them so that they can be transported safely - and we also know what to consider when transporting them or selecting a courier service.

Packing paintings appropriately

If you want to send a painting, you have to pack it properly beforehand - and that is time-consuming, because a few layers of bubble wrap are not enough. Particularly with framed paintings, it is also important to protect the corners of the frame (e.g. with special corner protectors). Furthermore, paintings should always be packed in several layers.

Transport wine correctly

When transporting wine bottles, glass breakage is by no means the only danger that wine faces. Did you know, for example, that corked bottles can "pop open" if they are bumped or shaken in the longitudinal direction of the bottle? The accelerated mass of the wine sloshing in the bottle then pushes the cork out of the bottles. (In fact, this is how a corked wine bottle can be opened without a corkscrew in an emergency). It is therefore advisable to store wine bottles at right angles to the direction of travel when transporting them in a vehicle, so that starting and braking do not cause uncontrolled discharge.

Observe temperature and climate in the transport vehicle

The climate in the transport vehicle is an aspect that should not be neglected when transferring auction house goods. In particular, a very high interior temperature can cause picture frames to warp or valuable wine to "tip over", for example. Excessive humidity is also bad - canvas paintings, for example, can suffer damage as a result. Vehicles in which household goods are transported should therefore be air-conditioned (also in the hold).

What does the MBE SafeValue concept entail?

MBE SafeValue is a globally unique logistics and security concept for the transport of valuable goods. It has three main advantages:

1. High protection

Parcel shipments can be insured up to EUR 50,000 per parcel. (For comparison: At DHL, domestic parcels are only insured up to EUR 500 by default, higher insurance is not possible for class 2 valuables).

2. No minimum value

Mail Boxes Etc. does not require a minimum merchandise value to qualify for MBE SafeValue.

3. All inclusive

With MBE SafeValue, the packaging costs, transport costs and hedging fees are included in the price. Therefore, anyone who has auction house goods picked up via MBE SafeValue does not have to buy the packaging for them or contact an insurer in addition to the courier service.

Special offer MBE SafeValue Art: What are the advantages?

MBE SafeValue Art is a special offer within the SafeValue Art concept. It is intended for private customers and for business customers who want to send or collect art objects or valuables of higher value and want to have maximum security. However, shipments to be sent via MBE SafeValue Art must have a value of at least EUR 1,000 including packaging and transport costs. What makes the offer so attractive, especially for buyers of auction house goods, are the following points:

1. Up to EUR 200,000 compensation per claim

The maximum amount of compensation in the event of loss or damage or destruction of the transported goods is set high under MBE SaveValue Art: it is up to EUR 200,000 per claim. No deductible is charged up to an amount of EUR 10,000 (above EUR 10,000, the deductible is 10 percent). The reimbursement is always calculated on the basis of the value of the respective goods including packaging and shipping costs.

2. Assumption of restoration costs, compensation for loss of value

If an object is damaged during transport, MBE SafeValue Art covers both the restoration costs incurred, if any, and any reduction in value.

3. Compensation for the auction fee

Especially interesting for all who want to send auction house goods: In the event of loss or damage, MBE SafeValue also provides compensation for the auction fee. This compensation amounts to a maximum of 25 percent of the value of the goods.

4. Commissioning of reputable courier services.

If MBE SafeValue Art is used for shipments with a value of less than EUR 25,000, then we place the transport of the goods in the hands of a reputable delivery service (FedEx, UPS, TNT or DHL). For shipments with a value of more than EUR 25,000, the use of a special courier service is obligatory.


Although some auction houses in Germany now offer their own shipping service, the collection or transfer of auctioned goods is usually a matter for the customer. That means: As a buyer you either have to pick up the goods yourself, or you have to organize the pickup via a pickup/bringing service. Then you should choose Mail Boxes Etc!

  1. For one thing, you won't have any work,
  2. for another, you don't have to worry about proper packaging, and
  3. you can also be sure that you will get compensation in case of loss.

In addition, anyone who wants to ship expensive auction goods should always make provisions in case the goods do not arrive at their destination in their original condition. Imagine, for example, that you have purchased a rare porcelain service at auction that is only of great value in its entirety. If a single cup of it breaks during transport, the physical loss may not be too great - but the financial loss can be immense because of the reduction in value. This is where the MBE SafeValue Art coverage comes into play: It covers a reduction in value due to partial damage with up to 50 percent of the value of the goods. Packaging and shipping costs are also included in the coverage promise, as are auction fees.

Currently, there is no other transfer service in the world that offers the same scope of services as MBE SafeValue Art!

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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