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Bicycle shipping for business and private customers

If you want to ship a bicycle, there are many things to consider. After all, due to the size and shape of bicycles, a number of special features must be taken into account when shipping bicycles.

The reasons to ship bicycles can be very different:

  • Business bike shipping - buying and selling
  • Shipping to the vacation destination
  • Shipping for a repair

With bikes being bought and sold online, shipping bikes is now a much sought-after service. Both business customers and private individuals depend on high-quality services here. With Mail Boxes Etc. you have the possibility to realize your bicycle shipment individually. For this we rely on a personal consultation on the phone or on site by our experienced shipping professionals. Contact us directly with your request and we will find a customized solution for you.

Shipping bike - costs in detail

If you send a bike by mail, the cost can vary greatly. Among other things, the weight and dimensions of the bike play a role. If you want to send an e-bike, for example, it should be noted that it is heavier and larger than a road bike.

In addition, the selected shipping services also play a role, especially for business customers. Is storage and picking desired? Are many bikes shipped on a regular basis? Is it a national or international shipment?

Therefore, in order to determine the best offer for you, discuss your request personally with our service staff. They will be able to determine your needs and create a customized cost plan based on your shipping plans. Factors such as quantity discounts and booked additional services - such as special packaging with printing - also come into play here. Together, we can work out the best conditions for your order.

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Shipping bike - pack the bike

To be able to transport the bike safely and undamaged, the right packaging is relevant. High-quality bicycles should be specially secured for transport. Sensitive components such as the gears on a mountain bike or the battery on an e-bike can be protected by additional packaging material. With these tips, you can send a bike by mail and protect it from transport damage:

  • The bicycle box must be suitable for the size of the bike. If the bike has too much clearance, the risk of transport damage increases. If the carton is too small, individual parts can quickly be crushed and damaged.
  • An alternative to the cardboard box is a special shipping case. This special packaging is a good option, especially for very high-quality bikes. Such packaging can be optimized to the specific dimensions and structure of the wheel.
  • As many parts as possible should be removed from the bike for shipping, e.g. saddle, lights, pedals, handlebars, tires and bike bag. These can be packed in the box to save space.
  • Small parts can be packed separately in a plastic bag. This is then secured to the frame with adhesive tape.
  • To avoid scratches on the frame, larger individual parts can be packed with bubble wrap and also taped to the frame. Use firm packaging tape for bonding, but do not leave any adhesive residue on the components.
  • If the steering wheel is not removed, but merely loosened and adjusted parallel to the frame, it must then be secured in this position.
  • If necessary, you can add a warning label to the packaging to ensure that the load is handled with care.

Use flexible bubble wrap for packing individual parts and sturdier air pillows for filling possible gaps in the packaging.

Bicycle shipping as bulky goods

Very heavy as well as bulky packages are classified as bulky goods. This can happen quickly when shipping bicycles. In particular, heavy components such as an e-bike are crucial here. For business customers, we offer solutions such as pallet shipping. Shipping for private customers can also be optimized. Among other things, it is possible to distribute the shipment over several packages. We determine individually which shipping options are the best for your request.

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Bicycle shipping for business customers

Business customers have high demands on the handling of bicycle shipping. We offer you a wide range of benefits from which your company can profit. With over 150 locations throughout Germany, we are always close to you and flexibly on duty for you. Use our local contact persons to clarify all questions in a personal conversation. Of course, a personal contact on site will always be available to you during the entire cooperation.

Also, take advantage of these Mail Boxes Etc. Services:

  • Individual solutions for a wide variety of requests and challenges
  • Relief in everyday work through targeted outsourcing
  • Direct and special deliveries possible
  • Late pickup possible
  • All-in-one solution, but also stand-alone options

With the all-round carefree service, we not only take care of shipping your goods. We also take care of the packaging for you, as well as customs regulations, shipment tracking and complaints management. For you this means, you can initiate the bicycle shipment unpacked - we pick up the goods and do the rest for you.

Info: We are also happy to make you individual offers for further shipping options for the bicycle accessories or the remaining assortment of goods. From children's bike seats to water bottles - your goods are in safe hands with MBE Services.

Also, schedule shipments of multiple bikes to one location with our team. We'll find the best shipping options for your needs.

Bicycle shipping international

Online trade is global in nature. Therefore, it is no longer a rarity that bicycle shipping must also cover foreign countries. For international shipments of goods, companies as well as private individuals have to consider customs guidelines. Our local shipping professionals are able to educate you on all the important information and help you have the necessary documentation ready.

Send bike with Mail Boxes Etc.

Whether you are a private individual planning a one-off bicycle shipment or are looking for a reliable shipping partner for your company, you can benefit from MBE's experience and personal service. We rely on a close-knit shipping network in Germany to handle even complex shipping requests smoothly.

It is important to us to find a tailor-made solution for you. From the appropriate packaging to customs clearance, you can rely on our services. Ask our MBE staff also about the printing service for an individual design of the shipping packaging - a first-class marketing tool.

Contact us now by phone and we will arrange a personal meeting on site if desired. Discover the advantages of bicycle shipping with MBE Services - simple, competent and at fair conditions!

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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