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MBE digitised shipping and logistics

Give your e-commerce business a boost: with MBE’s tailored solutions for digitised shipping and logistics. MBE Solutions are designed for companies, entrepreneurs but also artisans looking for a reliable partner that can support them bringin their business successfully online with complete and flexible solutions designed for those who sell online, including on large marketplaces such as Amazon and e-Bay and are compatible with online stores such as Magento CE, PrestaShop, Shopify, Woo Commerce as well as custom solutions through API.


By connecting the MBE platform directly to your existing system, MBE will help automate the management of shipments and facilitate the sales process. MBE dedicated solutions for digitized shipping and logistics enables you to optimize the customer journey and improve the brand experience to unlock business opportunities and let you be competitive even within today's market challenges.

Making your customers’ purchasing experience seamless is easy with MBE.

MBE Digital Solutions
The digital turnkey services that help your brand take-off.
Reaching your customers online is easy with the right digital solutions and web marketing tools that give you more chances to reach your target audience by building an effective online presence for your company and be where your customers are. MBE can offer effective solutions for being relevant online and growing your digital channels. Showcase your brand or e-commerce shop or improve your current website to make it more visible on search engines.


MBE Packing
The packing service that gives your business a boost.
Your customers deserve a unique product experience: wow their unboxing time with tailor-made features of MBE Packing solutions that add value and personalized touch. A highly customized solution for your products that enhances your brand and add a touch of style and glamour according to your specific needs. You can also optimise time and resources while reducing environmental impact at the same time since MBE uses innovative packaging techniques and materials.


Now you know you have a reliable partner on your side!

MBE is the right end-to-end partner that supports all realities in the transition to digital by providing one turnkey solution.


MBE eShip

The free plug-in MBE eShip connects your online store directly with our system Online MBE. You can handle your warehouse and shipping processes through the MBE eShip digital shipping interface, always having an automatic overview of your sales.

MBE eShip is free, easy to install and connects directly to your e-commerce.

Compatibility with your online store

MBE eShip is available as an easy-to-install plug-in for the four major store systems. With continuous updates, our experienced developers respond to innovations in the e-commerce platforms and thus guarantee maximum compatibility.

Free Online Shop Plug-in shopify | Mail Boxes Etc.  

Download Shopify Shipping - Plug-in. Download instructions here.

Free Onlineshop Plug-in WooCommerce | Mail Boxes Etc.  

Download WooCommerce Shipping - Plug-in. Download instructions here.

Free Online Shop Plug-in Magento | Mail Boxes Etc.  

Download Magento Shipping - Plug-in. Download instructions here.

Free Online Shop Plug-in PrestaShop | Mail Boxes Etc.  

PrestaShop Shipping - Plug-in download.

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MBE OnLine - Manage and coordinate shipments

With the MBE OnLine business platform, you can manage and coordinate your shipments quickly, efficiently and independently at any time and from anywhere (also from mobile devices). MBE OnLine is particularly suitable for customers with regular shipping volumes who need direct access to multiple shipping services and tariffs.

MBE OnLine makes the entire shipping process easier for you. You can enter your shipment data directly in the MBE portal and inform the responsible MBE center in real time about the upcoming shipments.

With the additional use of the free plug-in MBE eShip you can automate and optimize your entire mailing process with Mail Boxes Etc.

   The Bringer: Sell online and leave the work to others.es Etc.

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MBE LAB - warehouse outsourcing

Storing, picking and packing goods are processes that occur in every online shop. Mail Boxes Etc. can relieve you. Our MBE centers take over the storage and management of your goods and products for you.

This service includes both quantitative and qualitative incoming inspections, permanent inventory monitoring, order picking and packaging with professional shipping materials, and returns management.

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MBE Micrologistics

MBE puts together the desired goods for you individually, packs them professionally, adds print or advertising materials if you wish, and prepares the transport documents for dispatch. For worldwide shipping, MBE takes care of the customs declaration, among other things. With MBE you can concentrate on your core business, because we take care of the rest.

No matter how many shipments you send per day. Mail Boxes Etc. will provide you with an individual offer that is optimally tailored to your needs.

  The Bringer: Relaxed online business without wrapping and unwrapping. | Mail Boxes Etc.

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E-Commerce & Logistics

E-commerce is more popular than ever - among consumers and businesses. Anyone who runs an online shop knows how many complex tasks arise behind the scenes. We help you to make your business fit for online trading.

Hand over business processes to Mail Boxes Etc. so that your online shop runs more efficiently and you can concentrate on your core competencies. We are the experts!

   The Bringer: Sell online and leave the work to others

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Mail Boxes Etc. offers you a variety of professional logistics solutions for managing your online shop. We not only help you with the shipping and packaging of your goods, but also with the processing of inventories and returns. With our free and easy-to-install MBE eShip plug-in, your online shop connects directly to the MBE systems. This enables you to provide your customers with various shipping methods and your orders to be sent directly to MBE. With our logistics solutions for online shops, we offer an all-round service. We do the work for you so that you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Our services:

➤ Automated shipment management

➤ Automated generation of shipping labels

➤ Automated generation of shipping data and tracking numbers

➤ Shipment monitoring and reporting

➤ Automated or manual management of daily shipping close

➤ Professional storage and management of your inventory

➤ Customs and returns processing by our specialist staff

For start-ups, Ebay shops, online shops and anyone who has been involved in e-commerce for a long time or simply wants to sell something online on a small scale, the services of Mail Boxes Etc. are a real bringer. With our versatile services, tools and thanks to our well-packaged experience, you can fully concentrate on your actual thing. It doesn't matter whether it's practical, hip or an insider tip: From now on, place your online orders with MBE - automated, super punctual, uncomplicated and just relaxed.

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Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) is the world's largest network for shipping, packaging, graphics and printing services, with more than 2,800 locations in over 53 countries.

We are premium partners of UPS, TNT, FedEx, DPD, IDS and locally your personal contact for shipping solutions of all kinds.

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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