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In this country, an Advent calendar is as much a part of the Christmas season for most people as a Christmas tree. Surveys show that two-thirds of all Germans assume that they will have an Advent calendar in December - either one they bought themselves (or made themselves) or one they received as a gift. It just goes to show: Advent calendars are in high demand every year. And it also shows: Giving away Advent calendars is a good idea - also or especially for companies.

There are few Christmas promotional tools that work better, because Advent calendars are highly emotional.

Our brain learned in childhood that opening a calendar door every day is accompanied by very pleasant feelings - surprise, joy, and possibly a great taste experience; accordingly, Advent calendars go down well as gifts.

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Advent calendars for customers ensure that the brand image is positively anchored in customer awareness, while advent calendars for employees strengthen the emotional bond between the workforce and the company. If you want to give away classy looking filled calendars with the look & feel of your company, Mail Boxes Etc. is the right printing partner for you. We design and print advent calendars with your logo and in your corporate design - high quality and tailored to your target group.

You want the calendars for your customers to look different from the calendars for employees, but nevertheless want a uniform corporate look? Kein Problem. Wir entwickeln kreative Gestaltungsideen für Sie!

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When did Advent calendars actually exist?

The first Advent calendar dates from 1851 - however, it was not yet an industrially manufactured calendar, and it functioned purely as a counting aid and not as a candy dispenser. At the time, people simply hung 24 Christian pictures on the wall, which were gradually removed. Simpler versions later were chalkboard calendars painted on the door.

This kind of calendar was widespread in the 19th century, especially in Protestant environments. In Catholic households, parents instead placed 24 straws in a crib; children were then allowed to take out one straw each day. The first chocolate-filled Advent calendar didn't go on sale until 1958.

Why printed Advent calendars from Mail Boxes Etc. are highly effective marketing tools

Is an advent calendar good promotional tool? Yes, even a very good one!

And against other advertising media, a branded advent calendar has a whole range of advantages:

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1. Presence for more than 3 weeks

Each Advent calendar remains for at least 24 days in the possession of the addressee, and he is taken by him once a day directly in sight. No brochure or advertisement can do that.

2. Multisensual brand experience

An Advent calendar has more than just a visual impact: since the individual doors have to be opened by hand, there is always a haptic experience as well, and in the case of chocolate calendars, a gustatory or olfactory one as well.

3. Individual approach

With Mail Boxes Etc, you can absolutely customize your corporate advent calendars. Why not have the advent calendars for long-term existing customers, the calendars for new customers and the calendars for partners and for suppliers each printed with different slogans! In this way, you can achieve various target group-specific advertising effects with a single gift idea.

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Advent Calendar Service at Mail Boxes Etc.: One-stop shopping - and all with advice

We are happy to take over the entire handling of the Advent calendar project for you - from the purchase of the calendars (with us you can order different calendar variants, e.g. chocolate calendars, confectionery calendars or picture calendars) to design and printing and delivery to your customers or employees. You have special requests, perhaps only want vegan chocolate in the calendar?

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We're open to anything. Here at Mail Boxes Etc, you can expect a personal contact with whom you can discuss all details. Impersonal online fulfillment, as is common with other print service providers, does not exist with us.


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Anything else you need?

Maybe you want to get down to business and also take care of the topic of Christmas gifts for customers, business partners and employees right away? Gladly! Our MBE Box Christmas gift box service is just as good as our Advent calendar service - you have virtually no work. Best of all, we'll even take the brainstorming out of your hands; after all, having to think of gift ideas is usually the biggest problem with corporate Christmas gifts.


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