Christmas gifts for employees:
Small gesture with big impact


Committed employees are the most important resource of any company. In economically difficult times, the importance of this resource is even higher than in good times - this was shown not least by the Corona crisis. Every employer is therefore well advised to reassure all employees regularly of its appreciation. Christmas is the best opportunity for this: with Christmas gifts, companies can thank their employees year after year for their commitment to the company and promote intra-company solidarity.

Mail Boxes Etc. helps you gift your employees in many ways: We design and print the gifts you choose in your corporate design, provide beautiful packaging and print personalized cover letters or matching Christmas cards.

Your employees are in the home office by the day or permanently? We will also be happy to take care of sending the gifts to their respective home addresses.

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Configuring employee gifts: What to consider?

What makes good employee gifts? Above all, that they also really document appreciation. Gifts that are lovelessly packaged or perceived by recipients as useless or cheap have the opposite effect of what they are supposed to do: Employees don't feel valued by such gifts, but rather "fobbed off."

Tips on the right gift strategy

1. Give employees consistent gifts

If a company has more than a few employees, gifts should be uniform. This has on the one hand cost advantages, because with large numbers it is easier to achieve quantity discounts, and on the other hand prevents the emergence of feelings of envy. It is particularly important that gifts are not sized according to hierarchy: Gifts for bosses should not be recognizably higher in value than gifts for employees without management responsibility.

If team leaders receive a generous shopping voucher while all the rest of the team members "only" get a bar of Christmas chocolate, this sends the wrong message. The point of company Christmas gifts is to show appreciation for the individual, not to recognize their respective rank within the corporate structure.

2. Wrap gifts appropriately

Wrapping is an important aspect of an employee gift - after all, it's not just for marking it as a Christmas gift. Why should you, for example, miss the chance to make the sender immediately clear by packaging in the company design? Your employees will then, upon receiving the gift, think not "I'm getting a gift!" but "I'm getting a gift from my employer!" - and you'll have emotionally "picked up" your employees before the gift is even unwrapped!

With Mail Boxes Etc. you have all the possibilities of packaging branding: we produce packaging paper in your corporate colors, print the paper with your company logo and create Christmas stickers in your corporate design. Of course, we also print banderoles, ribbons and bows with your logo or slogan.

3. Select valuable gifts

Admit: Selecting a uniform gift for 50, 100 or even more employees that does not exceed a certain budget limit, is not gender-specific and, if possible, also has some practical use is not exactly easy. However, you should refrain from office utensils like mini pocket calculators in any case - they seem like give-aways and document at best unimaginativeness, at worst even tactlessness.

Since every smartphone today has a calculator function, there wouldn't even be a practical benefit. A far better choice are there, for example, delicatessen compilations. Or how about gift boxes that contain several small gifts at once and are therefore sure to be well received?

With the MBE Box Christmas Mail Boxes Etc. has designed a comfortable employee gift concept for companies. The MBE Box is pre-configured, available in three size options and customizable; individual components can still be replaced. MBE Boxes function excellently as employee gifts and make virtually no work for you.

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How much can Christmas gifts for employees cost?

When it comes to Christmas gifts for employees, it is important to keep an eye on tax law, because if employee gifts exceed certain value limits, income tax and social security contributions will be incurred.

There are three tax-free value limits: 10 EUR, 44 EUR and 110 EUR. Christmas gifts with a value of 10 EUR or less are considered scatter gifts and are always tax-free. Furthermore, the Income Tax Act allows tax-free gifts in kind to employees each month up to a value of 44 EUR. In December, this tax-free amount can be used for Christmas gifts.

But beware: If the 44-EUR limit is already regularly exhausted elsewhere, for example through monthly gas vouchers, there is no extra leeway in December.

Finally, there is also the 110-EUR limit - it is the tax-free limit for gifts given to employees as part of a company Christmas party (even a virtual Christmas party!).

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NOTE: The above exemption limits apply only to gifts in kind. Monetary gifts are generally taxable.

The bottom line: giving out Christmas gifts to employees is a small gesture, but one that can have a big effect in terms of the company feeling of togetherness. To achieve this effect, you don't have to invest a lot of planning time or make a big organizational effort. Simply outsource the topic of employee gifts to Mail Boxes Etc.! We'll take care of everything - from item assembly to packaging and personalization to shipping.


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