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Christmas time is greeting card time: Both large and small companies send greetings and expressions of gratitude to employees and customers at the end of the year. Even freelancers and self-employed rely on this highly effective way of customer loyalty. However, as widespread as the Christmas greeting tradition is: More and more businesses are sending only digital Christmas mail instead of printed cards. The advantages seem obvious: Digital Christmas cards incur neither printing costs nor postage and they can be sent within a very short time. What is disregarded is the emotional effect - but this is exactly what Christmas greetings are all about!

This is why printed Christmas cards still have their place in the digital age; perhaps they are even more meaningful today than they were in decades past. Mail Boxes Etc. offers you a comprehensive service when it comes to Christmas card printing - from the creation of the motif to the provision of various types of paper and shipping.

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3 arguments in favor of real Christmas cards

Did you know that the first Christmas card was sent almost 180 years ago? British scholar Henry Cole simply couldn't find the time to visit his many colleagues and friends in person at the end of 1843 - so he commissioned an illustrator to design greeting cards that could be quickly personalized with a dedication.

Such a long tradition does not disappear within a few years due to a technological change: even today, people are still happy to receive physical Christmas cards. Emails or PDFs can't keep up, no matter how Christmasy they are designed. Apart from tradition, there are also other arguments in favor of printed Christmas cards:

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1. Emails are mass-produced - Christmas cards are not

Email correspondence is the most important form of communication for professionals today. The daily flood of business e-mails is correspondingly high: according to a Bitkom study, every German employee receives an average of more than 20 e-mails a day, and every third person even receives more than 30 e-mails. German companies thus receive between 4,000 and 6,000 emails over the year - but only about 20 Christmas cards.

2. Printed materials last longer

Once a Christmas email has been opened and read, it is usually deleted immediately afterwards. With cards, it looks different: Many people save Christmas greeting cards or even collect them. A Christmas greeting card is thus much longer present in the environment of the recipients than an e-mail.

3. Letters and cards express appreciation

Unlike electronic mail, physical mail costs postage - and that's what makes all the difference in the perception of the recipient when it comes to Christmas greeting cards. Electronic Christmas mail signals to the recipient that it is part of a well-organized CRM or HR management system - nothing more. Physical Christmas mail, on the other hand, signals appreciation to the addressee and emotionally charges the relationship between sender and recipient.

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It's never too early!

It's never too early to care about Christmas. Especially not if you are a business that decides to have real Christmas postcards designed and printed. While Mail Boxes Etc. does offer a holistic design, packaging and mailing service, it too requires some lead time. So don't wait until Advent to start your Christmas card printing project.

Also, as the year draws to a close, there's a good chance that other things will drive your priority list (as is the case in virtually every business):

Annual reports need to be written, accounts need to be prepared, planning for the coming year needs to be done. That leaves little time for Christmas cards.

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Christmas card printing with Mail Boxes Etc.: One stop shop

Mail Boxes Etc. will take care of the entire process for you: We develop a design for your Christmas cards, print the cards, finish them as you wish and send them to your designated recipients.

Christmas greeting cards with eye-catching effect

Our graphics and printing specialists can turn your Christmas cards into real eye-catchers: whether hot foil wrapping in silver or gold, scented varnish or simply a special high-quality paper - there are many things that can be used to upgrade Christmas cards compared to ordinary letters and cards. Or would you like to send photo Christmas cards? That is no problem either. We will be happy to advise you on the existing design and finishing options.

Shipping organization

Have a long list of addressees? Mail Boxes Etc. will take care of address optimization for you. We'll take care of the personalization and make sure every recipient has their card in their hands just in time for Christmas.

Postage optimization

With large shipping volumes, there are various ways to minimize postage costs - for example, by pre-sorting, optimal selection of the shipping route, weight optimization or by self-delivery to the responsible mail center. We know how to do this and will take advantage of all available savings options for you.


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