MBE eShip - Automated shipping solution for e-commerce


Shipping and logistics in the blink of an eye - with our shipping interface for Shopify, Magento, Presta Shop and WooCommerce

Selling online but submitting orders by hand? With our practical shipping interface for all common online store platforms, you can automate the transmission of shipping data - quickly, easily and without further processing steps.

MBE eShip installs in a few clicks and integrates seamlessly with Shopify, Magento, Presta Shop and WooCoomerce. The automated shipping solution for e-commerce saves you time and steps. For your customers this means: more choice, faster delivery and more satisfaction.

Our shipping solutions for e-commerce at a glance:

  • MBE eShip – Shipping interface for Shopify, WooCommerce, Presta Shop and Magento
  • MBE OnLine – practical shipping platform around e-commerce fulfillment
  • Warehousing – Outsourcing of warehousing with Mail Boxes Etc.
  • Dropshipping – fast shipping completely without internal logistics team
  • Fulfillment for e-commerce – MBE all-round carefree service for fast shipping and satisfied customers

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MBE eShip - the shipping solution for e-commerce

You want a logistics solution that organizes the shipping of ordered goods directly from your online store? You would like to have more time for the development of your store and would like to hand over the logistics to a professional fulfillment service provider? You would like to show your customers the cheapest shipping and the expected delivery date already when ordering the goods? Then MBE eShip is just right for you.

MBE eShip is a shipping interface for all popular online store platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Presta Shop. The free plug-in is easy to install and links your online store directly with the shipping IT of our MBE Centers. The advantage for you: you no longer need to worry about the communication and transmission of received orders. MBE eShip transmits the order and shipping data to Mail Boxes Etc. completely automatically and thus initiates the shipping. Our shipping experts take care of everything else for you.

For your customers, MBE eShip means more overview of delivery time and expected costs already during the ordering process. And thanks to the automated transmission of shipping data, faster delivery of the ordered goods.

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Your advantages with the shipping interface MBE eShip

  • Automated transmission of all required shipping data
  • No loss of time between ordering and commissioning the shipment
  • Overview of all insured shipments
  • Precise planning of daily closings (manual or automatic)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of all shipping activities
  • Faster delivery to your customers, thereby higher satisfaction
  • Free and easy to install
  • Continuous optimization and adaptation to changes in popular platforms Shopify, WooCommerce, Presta Shop and Magento. 

Your customers benefit not only from short transmission times and prompt dispatch. MBE eShip also allows you to offer them flexible rate options during the ordering process. In addition, they have the option of selecting the appropriate shipping method from numerous options. The choices are:

  • Standard or express shipping
  • Single or multiple shipments
  • Special shipments (e.g. for bulky goods or shipping abroad)

MBE eShip is continuously developed by us and adapted to innovations in the e-commerce platforms. As a result, you benefit from maximum compatibility and the greatest possible work savings. MBE eShip is available free of charge for the following online store solutions:

Kostenloses Onlineshop Plug-in shopify | Mail Boxes Etc.  

Shopify shipping- Plug-in download. Instruction download.

Kostenloses Onlineshop Plug-in WooCommerce | Mail Boxes Etc.  

WooCommerce shipping– Plug-in download. Instruction download.

Kostenloses Onlineshop Plug-in Magento | Mail Boxes Etc.  

Magento shipping– Plug-in download. Instruction download.

Kostenloses Onlineshop Plug-in PrestaShop | Mail Boxes Etc.  

PrestaShop shipping– Plug-in download.


The shipping solution for online stores

MBE eShip takes care of the day-to-day logistics for you, so you have more time to develop your online store. New orders are automatically recorded and forwarded to Mail Boxes Etc. for further processing.

As a fulfillment service provider for online stores, Mail Boxes Etc. takes care of all further steps for you until successful delivery to the customer and beyond. Our MBE Centers offer professional warehousing at over 150 locations throughout Germany. This way you can outsource your logistics and still be close by at all times. Our experienced logistics experts take over for you:

  • the generation of all necessary shipping data
  • the transmission of the tracking numbers
  • the printing of the shipping labels
  • the commissioning of the ordered goods
  • professional and safe packaging in accordance with current regulations
  • On-time handover to shipping service providers with the most cost-effective tariff

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Logistics outsourcing made easy - with Mail Boxes Etc. as fulfillment service provider

Mail Boxes Etc. is the largest entrepreneur network for outsourcing solutions. We support you with professional services and logistics solutions for online stores - from warehousing to shipping preparation and packaging to selecting the right shipping service provider. Through warehousing, dropshipping in Germany and our all-round carefree fulfillment services, we help you focus entirely on your online store.

Use one of our more than 150 MBE Centers throughout Germany as a warehouse and save space and personnel costs. With us, you get freely scalable storage space with variable transit times - and optimal service for you and your goods. Our experienced MBE employees organize the warehousing for you, take over standard quantity checks and guarantee error-free picking on the same day as the order is received.

All-round carefree solutions for your logistics

We then pack the goods and add advertising materials or inserts if desired. Before handing over to a shipping service provider, we take over the preparation of all necessary documents such as waybill, delivery bill or customs declaration.

And even after successful shipping, we are there for you as a fulfillment service provider. We take care of all the steps involved, from invoicing to returns and complaints management to communication with customers.

From order to shipment in 7 steps - no work for you or your team

  1. Receipt of the order in your online store and automatic transmission of the shipping data to us via MBE eShip
  2. Same day picking of goods and quality control before shipment
  3. Packing the goods and adding advertising materials and inserts
  4. Execution of all necessary documents
  5. Handover to our professional shipping partners at the most cost effective rate
  6. Invoicing after delivery directly to the customer
  7. Returns and complaints management including communication with the customer

Even more overview with MBE OnLine - the shipping platform for e-commerce

MBE OnLine is the shipping platform for your online store. The e-commerce solution is ideal for anyone who has to manage many shipments every day. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of all shipments, couriers and transit times. So you have all the important information in one place - and access from your cell phone or PC at any time.

Supplement your MBE eShip shipping interface with our shipment management platform and enjoy all the benefits in one place. With MBE OnLine, you can manage, coordinate and check all shipments in real time on one platform, independent of the transport service provider. This saves you time and avoids confusing logins on multiple platforms.

Your advantages with MBE OnLine:

  • One platform for all broadcasts
  • One platform for all broadcasts
  • Direct integration with MBE eShip possible for automated transmission of shipment data
  • Direct contact with your MBE Center to coordinate your shipments
  • Logistics solution specially adapted to the requirements of e-commerce companies for Presta Shop, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Contact us personally now for more information about our shipping interface for e-commerce and our individual fulfillment services for online stores.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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*Service offerings may vary by location and MBE Center.

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