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In the ranking of the most effective advertising media, the printed flyer still ranks high, despite the digital transformation. Hardly any other advertising medium is so universally applicable, offers so many design options and can be "brought among the people" so well. Mail flyers alone reach countless people: in 2020, almost 10 million people in the German-speaking population aged 14 and older said they read flyers from their mailboxes several times a week. This corresponds to almost one third of the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 49-year-olds (34 million).

You want to benefit from the many advantages that flyer printing offers? Then Mail Boxes Etc. is the right place for you. As a professional flyer printing company, we take care of everything that is important in connection with flyer advertising for companies: we print flyers in all conceivable formats and versions, check the print data before printing (to ensure an error-free result) and, if desired, also take care of the packaging and shipping.

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4 good reasons to have flyers printed

As compact physical advertising media, flyers are unbeatable. Not only do they get potential customers and prospects to spend several minutes looking at a product or service offering (or neutral company information), but they're also generally kept, so there's a chance they'll be picked up again. And there are yet some other arguments that speak for flyers:

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1. Handy format

Flyers can be distributed in many different ways: Whether by mail, scatter distribution in large parking lots, personal handover (e.g. after a consultation) or presentation in display stands and in take-away dispensers - everything is possible! In addition, flyers can be enclosed with other printed advertising materials such as brochures.

2. Versatile

Flyers can be distributed in a variety of ways: postal mailing, scatter distribution in large parking lots, personal handover (e.g., after a consultation), or presentation in display stands and take-away dispensers. In addition, flyers can be enclosed with other printed advertising materials such as brochures.

3. Great information content

A multi-page flyer is basically a condensed brochure. Accordingly, the information content of a flyer is much greater than the information content of an advertisement, a poster, or even an online banner.

4. Low cost

When the number of pieces is large, the cost of the single flyer is vanishingly small. Depending on their nature, flyers can be produced very cheaply compared to other print advertising media (sales folders, catalogs, etc.)

How much does flyer printing cost?

While it's impossible to give a blanket answer to the question of flyer printing costs - the determining factors such as type of paper, size, color, surface finish, etc. are too varied for that - there's no question that flyer printing is inexpensive to implement.

The decisive factor is above all the print run: at sizes over 200,000, the price for the individual flyer is in the single-digit cent range.

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However, it is advisable not to look exclusively at the price when making offers for flyer printing. Very low-cost printing can only be realized via template-based order processing; special requests cannot be taken into account. In addition, with extremely low-priced offers, there is neither sound advice nor a check of the template before printing. The risk is then correspondingly large that perhaps thousands of freshly printed flyers must immediately go into the garbage because a typo is emblazoned on the title page.

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Flyer formats: long, wide, square, angular - or even round

The choice of formats for flyers is virtually limitless at Mail Boxes Etc; we print flyers in every 2-dimensional shape imaginable. The most common formats for flyers are as follows:

Format Dimensions
Flyer DIN lang 210 x 105 cm
Flyer DIN A4 297 x 210 cm
Flyer DIN A5 210 x 148 cm
Flyer square (CD Cover)  120 x 120 cm

If you are interested in a different size or in a special shape (oval or circular), contact an MBE Center for advice. Often, however, a DIN long flyer is simply the best solution - not only because of cost, but also because this format is the most practical in many ways. (A flyer in DIN long format fits, for example, into a standard window envelope.)

Flyer types: folded or stapled

What applies to us for flyer formats also applies to flyer types: We can meet practically any request. Flyers are usually not stapled or stapled, but folded. To "fold" a flyer means to fold it by machine so that crease edges are created. These edges determine how the folded flyer is to be opened later and in which order the individual flyer segments are to be read. The most common fold types are these:

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Folding - if desired - is part of our printing service. However, we do not only print folded flyers: If you wish, we produce for you also unfolded flyers or flyers with stapling.

This is why Mail Boxes Etc. is the ideal flyer printing service partner

We are proven experts in flyer printing because we print flyers, leaflets, mailings and brochures at any order size every day. Special prints, special formats, finishes or grammages are no problem for us, because we do not work according to "pattern F"

We also provide our customers with advice and support throughout the entire order process, from the initial idea to the finished print product. Our logistics service is also something to be proud of: If you're on a tight time budget, we offer express shipping with various options - including Same Day Delivery, MBE Early Morning, MBE Overnight. And if you wish, we can also take care of sending your flyers directly to your customers and prospects!


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